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TWT Newsletter, Issue #001 — Do you need to upgrade to Vista?


Welcome to Issue 1 of the TWT newsletter. Be sure to print this one out and hang it on your wall, it will be a collectors edition one day we are sure. If you enjoy our newsletter, do us and your friends a favour and pass it along! Better still, tell your friends to visit our site and subscribe.

In this months issue:-

1) To Vista or not to Vista? Does upgrading to Microsoft’s new operating system make sense for you?
2) Tip of the Month – Use tabs when shopping on-line!
3) Free Utility of the Month – Autopatcher
4) Microsoft’s new Table PC – A revolution in computing?

To Vista or not to Vista?

Windows Vista is certainly gaining momentum and yet many users still prefer to stick to Windows XP. You can see for yourself what new features Windows Vista brings to the table by watching our
Windows Vista tutorials.
Is Vista right for you? It depends what you use your computer for and who uses your computer. To help you decide, we’ve put together some case studies, choose the one that most closely resembles you and your PC:-

Busy Family:- The family computer is used by everyone, from Mum and Dad to their two children. Abbie loves to chat to her friends and download music, while Lewis loves playing games on the web. Mum and dad use the computer for shopping and letter writing.

What can Vista do for the busy family? Improved security features and parental controls make the internet safer and computer failures less common. UAC makes it easier to set up limited accounts for your children without limiting their use of software packages such as games.

Should you upgrade? Security packages and parental controls are also available for Windows XP. You should make sure your next PC comes with Windows Vista, but there is no pressing need to upgrade your current machine unless you experience frequent problems due to viruses and malware.

Games Player:- Your rig is kitted out with the latest hardware and you love nothing better than playing the latest 3D games with their dazzling top of the line visuals and sound effects.

What can Vista do for the games player? Vista adds the Games Explorer which showcases the various games installed on the computer. When a compatible game is installed, the system adds the game’s short cut to the Games Explorer and also downloads the games box art and content rating information. Many titles are compatible, even older games. Microsoft are planning to bring Live gaming to Windows Vista sometime in the near future, which will allow on-line gaming and even give you the ability to play against people on Xbox 360 consoles. Unlike many other on-line gaming services on the PC however, this service will not be free.

Should you upgrade? Unfortunately, Vista is not the best choice for gamers at the moment. Most games run slower under Vista than they do under XP. Furthermore, many popular games are restricted to 2 channel sound, if you have invested in a surround sound speaker system this is particularly disappointing. Currently, there really is no compelling reason for gamers to upgrade to Vista. However, as time goes on and Vista specific/DirectX 10 games start to appear there will be more reasons to take the plunge. Gamers may wish to consider a “dual boot” system that can run both Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Business Professional :- You use your PC for accounting, report writing and presentations. Your data is valuable and confidential.

What can Vista do for the business professional? There are a number of improvements that Vista brings to business professionals. Improved backup options make it easier to safeguard your important data, Bitlocker drive encryption protects your data from thieves and the new Windows Mobile Device Centre makes it easier than ever to work with PDA’s and smart phones. Shadow copy makes it easy to revert to an earlier version of a document, very handy if you make a mistake. Of course, the improved on-line security features in Windows Vista are a boon to business users too.

Should you upgrade? The new features Windows Vista brings to business users certainly make a very compelling case for upgrading. Be sure to check
Microsoft’s upgrade advisor
before upgrading to make sure all your hardware is compatible.

Power User :- You use your computer for everything from games to word processing, watching DVD’s and surfing the internet. You’re not afraid to try out the latest software and you love cutting edge applications.

What can Vista do for the power user? Pretty much everything it does for everyone else, plus power users will appreciate Vistas beautiful looking and speedy new Aero interface, improved functionality in Windows Explorer and Vista’s powerful search functionality.

Should you upgrade? Power users love the latest technology, so an upgrade is very tempting. Power users should consider a dual-boot system to maintain compatibility with older software.

Would you like to see more Vista content on our site? Let us know by filling out our
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Tip of the Month – Use tabs when shopping on-line.

Tabs have been a feature of Firefox for a long time now and even Internet Exporer now incorporates them, yet many users still don’t use them. When shopping for the best deals on-line, tabs are really useful for comparing prices. In Firefox, you can open a new tab at any time by going to the file menu and selecting “New Tab” or by pressing control and T together. In Internet Explorer 7 you can open a new tab by pressing control and T together or clicking on the space next to the last tab you opened. Each tab you open can contain a different web page, while shopping, browse for the product or service you want in the first tab, then open up another tab and go to another store, you can then flick through your tabs and compare prices quickly and easily!

Free Utility of the Month – Autopatcher

Autopatcher is a great utility that you can run on older PC’s or PC’s not connected to the internet. Autopatcher installs the same updates as Windows Update, but without the need to be connected to the internet. If you ever have to reinstall your operating system, perhaps due to a hard drive failure, running Autopatcher from a CD-ROM or USB memory stick before you even connect to the internet can save you time downloading updates and even patch critical security holes before hackers even have chance to spot that you are on-line. You can download Autopatcher

Microsoft’s new PC – A revolution in computing?

Microsoft this month unveiled a new type of computer that had the IT community buzzing with excitement. A new multi-touch touch screen based computer the size of a coffee table that can wirelessly share photos, music and videos. Although the technology is unlikely to show up in consumer PC’s for some time yet, there is no doubt its potential is very exciting. To find out more, go and have a look at the video at
Popular Mechanics.

That’s all for our first issue! If you have comments, suggestions or complaints, visit our contact page and be sure to
let us know.

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