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TWT Newsletter, Issue #007 –, Happy Holidays with your PC!


Welcome once again to another TWT newsletter. Christmas is almost upon us, which means there’s lots of partying and merry making to be done, as well as last minute shopping! We hope you have all been following our tips for safer on-line shopping in our last newsletter and that all your presents are wrapped and tagged ready for the big day. If not, we still hope you can spare the time to read our latest newsletter!

Important! A number of our subscribers have had difficulty receiving our newsletter. At we never send out unsolicited e-mails. To make sure your TWT newsletter reaches your inbox, please add to your contacts, buddy list or white list.

In this months issue:-

1) How Your PC Can Help You Have a Merrier Christmas

2) Tip of the Month – Share Photos Easily with Photobucket

3) Free Utility of the Month – Winamp

4) Top Windows Tutorials in 2008

How Your PC Can Help You Have a Merrier Christmas

No doubt many of you have been doing your Christmas shopping from the comfort of your computer desk, but once the postman has been and the presents are wrapped, there’s no need to leave you PC out of the festive fun. Why not use your P.C to store and print all those delicious Christmas recipes? You could store them in a document using a word processor such as Microsoft Word or Writer or even buy software specially designed for the job. Mountain software makes a recipe database that you can read all about
If you fancy trying a couple of new recipes, click

Having a Christmas party? Why not use your PC as a jukebox? Modern PC’s can store and play huge amounts of music on their hard drives. Check out our free utility of the month for our pick of the best MP3 players and for some traditional Christmas music, visit
this site.
Need to keep the kids occupied in the run up to the big day? Even the best behaved kids become hyperactive when Santa’s visit is getting close. Keep them occupied making
decorations or craft items
or even with a festive game or two. Thanks to my friend Eloise for suggesting the following two great Christmas sites for kids –
Squiglys Play House.

How did you use your PC to make the festive season more enjoyable? if you come up with any great ideas,
contact us and let us know!

Tip of the Month – Share Photos Easily with Photobucket

Are you going to take lots of pictures this Christmas? If so, are you going to share them with friends all around the world? Perhaps you had planned to e-mail them, that’s fine for two or three pictures but sending lots of pictures like this can quickly clog-up in-boxes, especially if your friends are on slower internet connections. If you have more than just a handful of photographs you might want to consider signing up for a Photobucket account. Once you have uploaded your pictures to Photobucket, via the easy to use web interface, you can send the link to anyone anywhere so they can see your pictures, or even your videos if you have a suitable digital video camera. Don’t want the whole world seeing your pictures of Grandad sleeping off his Christmas dinner? No problem, simply set a password for your gallery and only share it with your friends. Photobucket is free to join and lots of fun to use,
check it out here

Free Utility of the Month – Winamp

Having a party over the festive season? Why not invite your PC and a copy of Winamp along? Winamp is a free media player that plays a wide variety of music and video formats. Need some accompaniment to the music? Turn on Winamp’s excellent visualizations and hook your computer to a television or large monitor for instant in-home disco lights. When you are done partying, Winamp can help you organise your MP3 collection too, as well as syncing with your portable MP3 player. An excellent alternative to both Windows Media Player and Itunes, check out Winamp this holiday season by visiting
this link.
New users even receive free downloads at the excellent (fully legal) MP3 download site!

Top Windows Tutorials in 2008

Our next newsletter will be published in 2008, January the 10th 2008 to be exact! January is also our first birthday. continues to grow in popularity and we hope to get many more visitors in the new year. We have some big plans for the site in the new year too. Along with more frequent updates to our content, we are planning our own users forum where you can post your questions on Windows and discuss solutions with other users. On certain pages we also plan to let you share your tips and tricks for Windows too. It’s all exciting stuff, we are sure 2008 is going to be a very informative year for our visitors!

That’s all for another month, nay, another year! On behalf of myself and everyone who helps out here at we wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year. We hope that you enjoyed our newsletter, if you didn’t then please take the time to
contact us
and tell us what we can do to improve it! If you have enjoyed this newsletter, feel free to pass it on to all your friends, family, co-workers or anyone you know. Better still, encourage them to sign up for their own copy! Until 2008, keep checking and enjoy happy and safe computing (and partying)!

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