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Posted on Apr 16, 2013 in Superguides, What are Superguides? | 4 comments

Take your PC skills to a whole new level with our Superguides Superguides are our new range of cutting edge training materials that will allow our readers to confidently master more advanced software and techniques in their own homes at their own pace. Our Superguides are not just e-books but factory pressed CD or DVD ROM discs or digital downloads.

Why a DVD-ROM or Download?

Lots of websites have begun selling e-books (electronic books). It is our belief that an e-book really misses the point. People like books because they are convenient and easy to read from. That (and the fact they don’t run out of batteries when not plugged into the wall) is the reason why books have remained popular, even in the digital age. Moving a book into a computer brings the reader virtually none of the benefits of the computer and several disadvantages, such as eye strain and reduced portability.

Our Superguides take advantage of the “electronic” in electronic book. While you’ll still find e-book content in our guides, you’ll also find video content, just like you do on However, the video content on our discs is in high resolutions and designed to suit a wide range of monitors, thus taking advantage of the storage capacity of the CD/DVD-ROM format, or digital download for those of you with broadband internet access.

Just because the e-books in our guides are complimentary to the videos, don’t think for a moment that they are second rate! We take pride in preparing high quality e-book material for our Superguide discs. See this page before you consider purchasing an e-book from a competing website.

Which titles are available?

There are currently three titles available:-

Windows 7 Gigaguide (includes Windows 7 Superguide 1 and 2)
Windows 8 Superguide
Windows 10 Superguide

Businesses and Colleges/Universities

If you are interested in licensing any of our Superguide CD/DVD-ROM discs or downloads for use in corporate or academic training, please contact us.


  1. I honestly don’t understand the above options (e-book, vs.superguides,etc. or the format it would be presented in). I just need an on-line tutorial. Something that allows me to actually watch a step being performed and then try it and move forward to the next step by step instruction. It sounds pretty simple, pretty basic but that’s what I need. Does this tutorial provide this primary level of training or am I just reading text and looking at pictures… the same thing I could do with a book? Do you have a sample guide I could check out to see if it meets my what I am specifically looking for?

    Thank you!

    • All our Superguides contain e-book/text AND video. For samples, see the relevant tutorial section for your OS.

    • How to connect WiFi to my window10?

      • Open the notification area at the bottom right of the screen (little speech bubble icon) then click on the Network icon.

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