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Posted on Jan 15, 2013 in Backup, Backup Tutorials | 0 comments

Acronis True Image 2013 tutorial 2 – Your first backup

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Now that Acronis True Image is installed, we can start by taking a backup. In this video, we’ll configure our first backup and look at scheduling options. Note that you will need a secondary hard drive or network storage device in order to complete this tutorial.

Please wait a moment while the video loads. To start the video presentation, please click on the picture below once the play icon appears.

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Additional notes

When backing up to a NAS (Network Attached Storage) or other device on your network, avoid using mapped network drives. These drive mappings will not be available when you use the recovery environment. We will demonstrate the recovery environment in the following tutorials.

If you are confused by some of the technical terms used in this video, you may want to visit our Understanding Backup and Storage page.

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