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Posted on Sep 28, 2013 in Backup, Backup Tutorials | 0 comments

Alcohol 52% Tutorial 1 – Installation

Getting older software running on newer PC’s can be difficult, but if you can’t even use the program’s CD on your new machine, because it lacks an optical drive, then you might well assume that you’re stuck. This isn’t necessarily the case however. If you still have access to an older machine with a CD/DVD drive, you can use Alcohol 52% to create an image file of the original CD or DVD. This image file can then be used on your newer PC with Alcohol’s CD/DVD emulation software to install or run your program. If that all sounds complicated, don’t worry, after you have worked through our two tutorials everything should become clear.

First of all, you are going to want to install the program. You can download the latest version from this page. If you’re interested in burning or recording CD or DVD images too, you might want to try Alcohol 120%. Otherwise, scroll to the bottom of the page where you can find the free Alcohol 52%. The free program includes a program called Smart File Advisor, which checks programs installed on your PC and makes sure they are up to date. This program can be uninstalled if not wanted, without affecting Alcohol 52%. When you click the link on the page, you will be redirected to another page to download. Use the green button on the right of this page to begin downloading.


Use the button circled in red to start the download.

Use the button circled in red to start the download.


Choose “Open” or “Run” from your browsers download manager to start the installation process. You will need to enter an administrator password and/or click on “Yes” when User Account Control prompts you to do so. The following window will then appear.




Click on “Next”. The following window will then be displayed.




Scroll down to read the license agreement and if you agree to the terms, click on “Next”. The following window will then appear.




The installer now gives you the option of installing the Dealply coupon browsing app. This is entirely optional and is not needed in order to run the Alcohol 52% software, so if you don’t want this application, be sure to deselect the tick/check box on this window before clicking “Next”. After this step you only need to sit back and wait for the installation to complete. You may be prompted to reboot your PC once files are finished copying and configuring. After restarting you can proceed directly to the next tutorial.

Remember, you will need to install the software on any machine you plan to use for either creating or using CD/DVD images. So for instance, if you have a desktop PC with an optical drive and a laptop with no optical drive, you would install the software on both machines. On the desktop PC you can create your CD/DVD images and on the laptop you can use them in place of a real optical drive.

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