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Windows Backup Software Review – ‘Bare Metal Showdown 3’ – Part 3

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Overview of the contenders
Test 1 – Hard disk copy
Test 2 – Drive to image
Test 3 – Image to drive
Test 4 – Rescue CD
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Test number 2 – Drive to Image

For the next test in our 2012/2013 disk backup software review, we created an image file of the Windows 8 disk that we were currently using (the C: drive or operating system drive) and stored it on another hard drive in the system. Here the speed of the backup is relevant as well as the size of the image file created. By heavily compressing the data in a backup, file sizes can be reduced but backup speeds may also decrease, so a trade off needs to be made.

Program Time (mm:ss) File size (GB)
Acronis True Image 2013 12:43 46.2
EaseUS Todo Backup 5.3 12:02 49
Macrium Reflect V5 17:12 45.1
Paragon Backup & Recovery 12 Home 13:47 46.1

Again all the packages managed to put in respectable times, with EaseUS and Acronis putting in almost identical times. Macrium Reflect was the slowest of the packages but not by a significant amount. Looking at file sizes, we can see that Macrium Reflect has the smallest size while Acronis and Paragon have very smiliar sizes. EaseUS was the quickest of the packages in this test, but produced an image file almost 4 gigabytes bigger than Macrium’s.

Test number 3 – Image to Drive

Now things start to get interesting. In this test, we used the drive images we just created and restored them back to the Windows 8 C drive/system drive. Of course, all the packages required that we shutdown Windows, reboot the computer and run their own special recovery environments to complete this task. It’s pleasing to see that all of the contenders this year produced healthy, bootable drives following this operation, with the exception of Macrium Reflect, which didn’t support this operation at all. To perform this task with Reflect, you must first make a bootable CD/DVD disc, so points lost there for convenience at least.

Program Time (mm:ss) Boot? Notes
Acronis True Image 2013 17:03 Yes
EaseUS Todo Backup 5.3 39:42 Yes
Macrium Reflect V5 N/A N/A Not supported from Windows, recovery media must be used to perform this operation
Paragon Backup & Recovery 12 Home 20:36 Yes

EaseUS goes from fastest to slowest in this test, while Acronis True Image manages to beat Paragon Backup by a few minutes. All three packages restored the system drive successfully, with no issues booting from the drive afterwards.

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