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Posted on Aug 24, 2010 in Optimise your Display, Skins and Themes | 0 comments

Improve readability on your Windows XP machine by changing the size of your fonts

If you find the text difficult to read on your Windows XP PC, it is possible to make it bigger to aid visibility. To do this, first right click on the desktop and choose “Properties”:-


Changing font size in Windows 7 - Step 1


The Display Properties window will now appear, make sure that the “Appearance” tab is selected:-


Changing font size in Windows 7 - Step 2


Now, font size can be changed in this window by selecting the option at the bottom of the window. You can choose between “Normal”, “Large fonts” and “Extra large fonts”. As you select different sizes, the preview in the top part of the window will change.

When you decide on a size, click on “Apply”. Your new size fonts will now be used in your Windows programs.

If you want even finer control over your fonts and font sizes, see our adding and changing fonts in Windows XP tutorial.

Changing font size improves readability without sacrificing as much screen space as changing the screen resolution, so give it a go.

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