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Classic Superguide support page

On this page you will find all the relevant FAQ and support files for our Windows 7 and Windows 8 Superguide and the Windows 7 Gigaguide.

For Windows 10 Superguide support and FAQ, see this link.

Installing the latest patch

Please ensure that you have the latest patch for your product. The version number of your Superguide is shown on the splash screen as the product loads. Patches for each of our Superguides are available here.

Windows 7 Superguide
Windows 7 Superguide 2
Windows 7 Gigaguide
Windows 8 Superguide

Full instructions for applying the patches are included on the above pages.

Frequently asked questions and common problems

Please read through the common issues and questions before contacting us. If your question/issue is still not resolved, click here to contact technical support.

After starting the Superguide, a message box appears saying “Shutdown Server2Go”, then no pages are accessible. How do I prevent this?

Please shut down Internet Explorer completely and then start the Superguide again. If this does not cure the problem, you may require a patch for your Superguide. See this page for more information.

I cannot download the digital download version, the download keeps stalling or stopping

Please use the Free Download Manager utility. This will enable you to resume an interrupted download and will vastly improve reliability. You can find out more about the Free Download Manager by viewing our tutorial here.

I do not like Internet Explorer, can I use the Superguide disc with another browser?

As long as your browser can display Adobe Flash content then yes, you can. Start the Superguide disc as normal and then minimise (do not close) Internet Explorer. Now open your alternative browser and copy and paste the following address into the address bar:- “”. (do not copy the quotation (“) marks). You should then be taken to the discs content in your alternative browser.

Internet Explorer 9/10/11 gives a warning about the file, saying that it is “not commonly downloaded”

Microsoft maintain a list of trusted downloads for Internet Explorer users. Since several of our products are new, this list has not yet been updated to include them. If you see the alert shown below after downloading is complete:-


Not commonly downloaded


Then please click on “Actions”. The following window will then appear:-


Run anyway


Click on “Run anyway”. Installation of your Superguide product will then begin. You can also manually browse to your downloads folder to run the Superguide installer or to make a backup copy.

When I start my Superguide DVD/CD, I get the message “The system cannot find the file specified.” When I click on “OK” the Superguide (Server2Go) just shuts down, why?

This can happen on Windows 7 systems where Internet Explorer has been disabled. There are three possible solutions:-

1) Re-enable Internet Explorer. You can do this from the “Turn Windows features on or off” section in the Control Panel. Click here for a brief tutorial on how to do this.

2) Instead of clicking “OK” when the window appears telling you that “The system cannot find the file specified.” simply ignore it. Now, open Firefox or any alternative Flash capable web browser. Copy and paste the following address into the address bar in your browser – “” (do not copy the quotation (“) marks). You should then be taken directly to the index page of the Superguide DVD.

3) Create a directory anywhere on your computer’s hard drive using Windows Explorer. Now, copy the entire contents of the Superguide DVD/CD into that directory. Download the zip file provided here and extract it into the same directory as you copied the DVD/CD into, replacing the existing file. Now, run the “StartSuperguide” file from your computers hard drive. The Superguide will now open in your default browser. Note that we do not officially support this configuration and have only briefly tested it. In this configuration you will need to shut down Server2Go by right clicking on its system tray/notification area icon when you have finished using the Superguide.

Why does my computer dial an internet connection when I use the Superguide disc?

You may have your Internet Explorer set to automatically dial an internet connection when it is opened. None of our Superguide discs require an internet connection to function. To disable automatic dialling, follow these steps:-

Disable automatic dialling in Windows XP
Disable automatic dialling in Windows Vista/Windows 7.

If your PC still tries to dial the internet even with auto dial disabled, it could be due to other software installed by your ISP or by the computer manufacturer. Contact your ISP or computer manufacturer for further instructions.

Why does my firewall/security software tell me that Server2Go is trying to access a network/internet address of when I start the disc? is a special network address called the localhost or loopback address. This is not an address on the internet, it actually points to the computer itself. The discs work like a self-contained website that runs on your PC, so the address simply tells Internet Explorer to connect to the website running on your computer rather than the internet.

Why does the Superguide disc require administrative rights on Windows Vista and Windows 7?

For the Windows 7 Superguide, this issue has been fixed in patch number 1, click here for more details of the patch. See also “Why does the Superguide disc trigger a User Account Control alert when loaded?”

Why does the Superguide disc trigger a User Account Control alert when loaded?

This is a limitation of the Server2Go Software we use for the discs. For the Windows 7 Superguide, you can install patch number 1 to fix this issue.

Question not answered here? Still having difficulties? Click here to request technical support.

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