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Posted on Apr 16, 2013 in PC-Basics, Windows Basics | 8 comments

Master the basics of working with your computer!

Use these free computer basics tutorials to help you master the essential IT skills you’ll need when working with all versions of Windows. Are you new to computers? Our computer basics tutorials aim to introduce Windows beginners to the basic skills required to work with Windows, no matter what version of the operating system you have. If you’re a PC beginner, you can learn about the keyboard, mouse and basic techniques that are used in most Windows software.

Tutorial 1 – Introduction to the mouse
Tutorial 2 – Introduction to the keyboard
Tutorial 3 – The clipboard and cut, copy and paste
Tutorial 4 – More keyboard techniques
Tutorial 5 – Mouse properties
Tutorial 6 – Files, folders and paths
Tutorial 7 – Taking screen-shots with the Print Screen key

See also

Microsoft’s guide to using menus, buttons bars and boxes
Windows XP Tutorial 2 – Using the Mouse in Windows (also relevant to Vista/Windows 7 users)
Windows XP Tutorial 3 – Windows in Windows (also relevant to Vista/Windows 7 users)
Windows XP Tutorial 5 – Files and Folders Demystified

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  1. I need watch tutorial on how best easiest way get windows on a pen drive or flash drive witch is best to use , the install it

  2. Nice tuts

  3. thanks nice tutorial you have there,
    i have learning your tutorial for using my pc and my home work

  4. I am having problems with add ware and a 64 bit upgrade to a 32 bit vista can you help

    • I’ll have a go if you post the question over on the forum.

  5. Great tutorials. Many people need help learning the basics of computers.

    You have to start small and then go big.

    • We all cant be geeks lol i never sin a pc at school then while everybody woz learning i would be bringing my son up and working

  6. you should put a tutorial on how to video your screen

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