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Posted on Apr 16, 2013 in Basic Themes, Skins and Themes | 0 comments

CursorFX Tutorial 2 – Using CursorFX

CursorFX is the new name for CursorXP, Stardock’s popular Windows cursor enhancing software. Why the change of name? Simple, because CursorFX works on Windows XP and Windows Vista too.

Now that the utility is fully installed, we can try changing some pointers and cursors. In this video tutorial we show you how to apply a new set of cursors with CursorFX and also how to download new cursor sets from the Internet.

To start the video presentation, please click on the picture below.

Need help viewing video content? Click here. This video is compatible with mobile devices. Press the ? key to see keyboard shortcuts. A small number of our videos may not play correctly in Firefox. Please contact us if you have difficulty playing any videos.

Additional notes

If you are looking for CursorFX on your Start menu, it is installed by default under “All Programs/Stardock”.

CursorFX vs. CursorFX Plus

CursorFX Plus includes a number of additional features such as special effects and cursor trails. While the standard CursorFX program is free, CursorFX Plus costs $19.95. For more information, visit this page. Ready to move up to CursorFX Plus? Click here to buy CursorFX Plus directly from Stardock Software.

CursorFX vs. CursorXP

CursorFX is a direct replacement for CursorXP, even users running Windows XP should upgrade to CursorFX. CursorFX also has a number of great new features:-

  • Supports Windows Vista, 7 and 8 as well as Windows XP
  • Movement smoothness
  • A full-blown theme editor
  • CursorFX themes can integrate effects right into the theme (a much more integrated experience)
  • New, easy to use configuration manager
  • Dynamic shadows with custom lighting effects

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