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Posted on Jun 17, 2014 in Basic Themes, Skins and Themes | 0 comments

Stardock DeskScapes 8 Tutorial 1 – Installation

Stardock DeskScapes8 brings animated desktop backgrounds or ‘dreams’ to Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. With a huge selection of animated wallpapers (or dreams) now available for download, DeskScapes 8 will make your PC desktop look truly stunning.

DeskScapes 8 can be downloaded and installed using the executable from this page. Before purchasing or installing the software, be sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements. For full details of the system requirements, click here.

Stardock Software offers a 30 day free trial of DeskScapes 8 and that’s what we will install in this tutorial. Click on the “Try it Free” button on the download page, then on the big green “Download” button that appears. When the download is complete, choose “Open” or “Run” in your browsers download manager to start the installation process. The following window will then appear.




Scroll down to read the license agreement and if you agree, make sure “I agree to the terms of the license agreement” is selected and then click on “Next >”. The window shown below will then appear.




You may be offered the chance to install another of Stardock Software’s desktop enhancement or skinning utilities. Go ahead and install the program if it interests you, if not, deselect the tick/check box and then click “Next >”. The following window will then appear.




Choose a folder on your computer to install the program to. The default folder is fine for most users, so simply click on “Next >”. There will be a pause now while files are copied and configured. When the process is complete, the following window will then appear.




To start your free trial, click on “Try DeskScapes 8”. If you have already purchased a key, you can click on “Unlock previous purchase” instead. When you click on “Try DeskScapes 8” the following window will appear.




Enter a valid e-mail address now, and then click on “Next”. The following window will then be displayed.




You now need to check your e-mail and click on the link that Stardock have forwarded to you. Once you have done this, click on “Next”. You have now completed the installation of the trial version of DeskScapes 8 and you can proceed to the next tutorial.

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