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Posted on Apr 16, 2013 in Superguides, Technical Support | 0 comments

Does your XP PC try to dial up the internet whenever you use one of our discs?

This tutorial will show you how to disable automatic dialing in Internet Explorer on Windows XP. Our Superguide discs use Internet Explorer but they do not require an internet connection. However, it is possible that on some machines Internet Explorer is configured to automatically dial the internet as soon as it is opened. If you find that your Windows XP computer is trying to connect to the internet when you use our discs, please reconfigure your internet settings as shown in this tutorial.

Firstly, open the Start Menu and choose “Control Panel”.


Disable auto dial Step 1


The Control Panel will now open.


Disable auto dial Step 2


If your Control Panel doesn’t look like the one shown, click on “Switch to Category view” from the options on the left. Now, locate “Network and Internet Connections” and click on it, the following window will then be displayed:-


Disable auto dial Step 3


From the list of tasks, choose “Set up or change your Internet connection”. The following window will then appear:-


Disable auto dial Step 4


Make sure the “Connections” tab is selected. Now, from the settings in the middle of the window, choose “Never dial a connection”. Note that you will need to manually dial the internet in future. You can do this by opening the Control Panel and selecting “Network and Internet Connections”. This time, scroll to the bottom and choose “Network Connections”.


Disable auto dial Step 5


A window will now appear listing all the available network connections. To dial the internet, simply right click on a connection and choose “Connect”. You can also create a shortcut to this icon on the desktop.

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