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EASEUS Todo Backup (No longer free)

EASEUS Todo Backup 1.0 is an award-winning and Free backup and restore solution and for a good reason! With detailed instruction wizards, your data will be in a safe within minutes and all without the help of an IT specialist to backup your system state, partitions and disks. Amazingly, This program is totally free to use!

EASEUS Todo Backup 1.0 can backup your system partition allowing you to quickly get the system up and running in the event of a system crash or hardware failure. You can also backup and restore disks or partitions after viruses attack, unstable software was installed or in the event of a hard drive failure, etc.

EASEUS Todo Backup is also useful if you want to upgrade older, smaller hard disks to larger ones without reinstalling the operating system and applications once again.

This free backup software supports nearly all major Windows systems, like Windows 2000 professional/XP/Vista and Windows Server 2000/2003/2008.

Main features of EASEUS Todo Backup 1.0:
* Backup system: backup the entire system partition, including the system state and all files to an image file.
* Backup disk: backup the whole disk including operating system, all data to an image file.
* Restore image: restore the previous backed up disk/system image in a few minutes.
* Bootable CD/DVD: restore system and disk with bootable CD/DVD when there is a boot failure.
* Clone disk to backup or upgrade to a newer or larger disk without reinstalling operating system.
* Check image file to ensure successful restoration.
* Mount backup image files as virtual drives.

We say – What a fantastic set of features and all for free. We are very interested in how this software performs against its more expensive competitors. Look out for a bench test of this program in the near future.

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EASEUS Todo Backup

Aug 05, 2012

 Worst Ever Tried


by: Anonymous

I have been attempting to use EaseUS Workstation 4.5 for 3 months now and have concluded three things: It cannot perform as advertised, the documentation is incomplete and inadequate, and there is no support, even with paid copies. I work for a rather large international manufacturing company and we had strongly hoped that this was a viable product, but it is not. If anything else, I’d suggest something with ENGLISH based support – the Chinese EaseUS folks are wonderfully kind and gracious, but are useless if you actually need help. Not enough room here to list the unanswered problems we’ve had with this garbage – stay away from it at all costs.

We say Sorry to hear that! We did test their free product extensively and never had any significant problems, but because of this we never had need to contact their technical support department. We’re planning another round-up of backup software soon, so maybe you will find another product to suit your needs then.

Sep 08, 2009

 Newbie with this prog


by: Anonymous

I read all reviews, downloaded, Made boot CD. (seems to work).
No I try a backup…
A disk clone. C: to D:
msg = Easeus Todo Backup will Backup your volume in sector by sector mode.
Please relocate the temporary folder and imagepath to another volume.


Sep 03, 2009



by: Alexa

Can this software be called as backup software? It just images!!! No file backup at all. this software helps me little. I recommend you to use the software belows:

Reliable Data Backup Software –

Best Backup Software –



  1. How do I over come the error when I try to restore/push the image out of my external drive – the error message says “Image file incomplete.” I am doing the backup / capturing the image with full admin rights. I also have full rights on the external drive. Image passes the integrity check. Anyone has any ideas?

    Thank you

  2. I tried the free version of partition master. As long as I used the free version It worked well. I decided then to purchase a licence for it and Todo backup. As soon as I installed the license, everything went very foul. The program ran very slow, and when I attempted to make the backup disc, the computer locked up. I tried then several other times and the computer re-booted in the middle of the attempt each time. I have had no problems with the computer ever before this and it worked very smoothly. Now, the computer has suffered irreparable damage and barely works at all. I find the format of the program is very flawed and difficult to work with. I will have to wipe the partition and start a build from zero. The old backup software I purchased over a decade ago still works flawlessly albeit slowly. I am extremely displeased with the licensed software and would not recommend t. The licenses were purchased because of the features it was supposed to supply.
    Get with it EaseUS. If you are going to sell licenses to software, at least provide the software on a disk and give us something that works without destroying ou system.

  3. I have f’ed around with the PAID version of this garbage for TWO YEARS now. Still cannot get it to actually work, but kinda frustrating/funny dealing with their non-existent non-English speaking Tech no-support. Avoid this garbage at all costs.

  4. I had been using various free versions of the Easus product but now, with version 8.0, it appears to have gone to a free trial model. Then you have to pay.

    I have now switched to the free version of Macrium Reflect. So far it is working great!

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