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Encryption and file protection tutorials

Keep your data safe with our encryption and file protection tutorials – shows you how to safeguard confidential information on your PC. Encryption and file protection is big news at the moment. So much confidential data is stored digitally nowadays that individuals and businesses alike cannot afford to keep making mistakes with their private data. Yet while most users have heard of anti-virus and on-line security software, many neglect to protect the confidential information stored on their computers. The tutorials on this page will show you how you can safeguard your privacy without being a computer genius or spending a fortune.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to read our general guide to encryption and file protection and PC data privacy.

VeraCrypt Tutorials

We’re updating our Truecrypt tutorials for the new sucessor to Truecrypt, VeraCrypt.

VeraCrypt Tutorial 1 – Installing VeraCrypt
VeraCrypt Tutorial 2 – Creating VeraCrypt Volumes
VeraCrypt Tutorial 3 – Using VeraCrypt Volumes
Truecrypt Tutorial 4 – Whole Disk Encryption (updated for version 6)

Truecrypt Supplimental Tutorial 1 – Wiping Windows Paging Files

To create Truecrypt/VeraCrypt rescue CDs for use with full disk encryption, you can use InfraRecorder:-

InfraRecorder Tutorial 1 – Installation
InfraRecorder Tutorial 2 – Recording an ISO image

Bleachbit-tinyBleachBit Tutorials

BleachBit is another great free file shredder with system cleaning capabilities. It’s lightweight, open source and a good replacement for the now defunct Evidence Eliminator.

BleachBit Tutorial 1 – Installation
BleachBit Tutorial 2 – Cleaning your PC
BleachBit Tutorial 3 – Advanced options

Eraser icon

Eraser Tutorials

Eraser is a free file shredder that is easy to use and light on system resources.

Eraser Tutorial 1 – Installing Eraser
Eraser Tutorial 2 – Setting Security Modes
Eraser Tutorial 3 – Securely Shredding Files

Roboform icon

Roboform Tutorials

Tutorials for Roboform are now available as part of our new power surfing tutorials section.

Roboform Tutorial 1 – Installing Roboform
Roboform Tutorial 2 – Setting up Identities
Roboform Tutorial 3 – Roboform in Action

Useful links

For those wanting to learn more about keeping their data safe, check out some of these links:-

Travelling safely with your laptop
How safe is Instant Messaging?
The case for E-mail security

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