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Master Microsoft’s super powerful Excel spreadsheet package with this amazing training course

Excel 2010 course

Microsoft Office 2010 is used by millions of businesses and home users all around the world. Microsoft Excel, the spreadsheet component of Office 2010, is the benchmark all other spreadsheet packages are compared to. While OpenOffice Calc is a viable alternative for light spreadsheet users, it cannot compare with the power of Microsoft’s mighty Excel.

Several of our readers have asked us about a training course for Microsoft Excel. Currently we do not have the resources to produce one in-house, so we searched the internet for the best training materials. Guy Vaccaro has produced an amazingly in-depth, beginner friendly guide to this incredibly powerful package.

In this Microsoft Excel 2010 training video, veteran Infinite Skills trainer Guy Vaccaro introduces you to this version of Microsoft’s standard spreadsheet application. In this tutorial video, you will watch the authors actually perform the operations he is instructing on, as he explains step by step to how to perform these functions. Guy explains Microsoft Excel 2010 starting with the absolute basics of creating your very first worksheet. He slowly works you up through learning the various capabilities of this very powerful program, and even covers topics such as basic to advanced formula and functions. He has even included a chapter on connecting to the new Microsoft Web Apps, and how to use your own SkyDrive to store and share your Microsoft Excel projects. Included with this training title are full work files, to allow you to work along side of Guy as he teaches you how to use Microsoft Excel 2010. By the completion of this computer based training course, you will be fully versed, and capable of working with Microsoft Excel 2010 in a commercial environment.

Thanks to our friends at Infinite Skills, we are able to bring you the whole of the first three chapters of video tutorials from this course! simply click on the links to be taken to the relevant lesson (videos open in a new window/tab due to their size).

01. Introduction

02. Working With An Excel Worksheet

03. Selecting And Entering Data

Ready to order? Microsoft Excel 2010 Training Costs $99.95/£69.17/E80.86. Click here to be taken directly to the order page. Alternatively, you can see the contents of the rest of the training course below:-

04. Developing A Workbook

  • Formatting And Naming Of Worksheet Tabs
  • Moving Worksheets Within And Between Workbooks
  • Copying Worksheets Within Workbooks
  • Inserting And Deleting Worksheets
  • Viewing More Than One Workbook
  • Hiding And Unhiding Worksheets

05. Printing And Page Setup

  • Using The Print Area Command To Control What Excel Prints
  • Setting Page Margins And Page Orientation
  • Creating A Header And Footer
  • Using Page Break View
  • Setting Print Titles For Large Worksheets
  • Printing Gridlines Column Row Headings And Other Related Options
  • Enabling The New Page Layout View
  • Running The Spell Checker
  • Print Preview And Printing The Whole Or Part Of The Worksheet

06. Workbook Formatting

  • Modifying Typeface, Font Size And Colors
  • Merging Cells
  • Applying Number Formats
  • Aligning Cell Contents
  • Changing The Text Direction In A Cell
  • Adding Borders To Cells And Ranges
  • Applying A Date Format To A Cell Or Range
  • Use Of The Format Painter
  • Clearing Cell Contents And/Or Formatting

07. Carrying Out Calculations

  • Getting Started With Basic Math Formula Addition
  • Getting Started With Basic Math Formula Subtraction
  • Getting Started With Basic Math Formula Multiplication
  • Getting Started With Basic Math Formula Division
  • Getting Started With Basic Math Formula Operand
  • Order Of Operations with BODMAS
  • Introduction To Excel Formulas: SUM
  • Copying Formulas And Functions
  • Displaying Formulae On A Worksheet
  • Some Useful Functions For Counting
  • Some Useful Functions For Averages
  • Some Useful Functions For Highest And Lowest
  • Absolute Referencing Requirements
  • Formulas Across Worksheets
  • Functions Across Worksheets
  • 3D Referencing
  • Making Use Of Named Cells And Ranges

08. Advanced Formatting

  • Enhancing Worksheets Using Themes
  • Working With Comments
  • Creating Your Own AutoFill List
  • Turning Your Data Into A Table For Formatting

09. Security

  • Using Protection On A Worksheet
  • Protecting Part Of A Worksheet To Facilitate Data Entry
  • Controlling Access To Cell Ranges By Password And Or User Accounts
  • Saving A Workbook With Password Protection

10. Using Templates

  • Creating A Workbook From A Template
  • Creating Your Own Custom Template

11. Graphics Objects

  • Inserting And Modifying Clipart
  • Using SmartArt Graphics
  • Adding Drawn Shapes To A Worksheet
  • Inserting An External Picture
  • Adding A Background Image To A Worksheet
  • Formatting Graphic Objects
  • Controlling Stacking Order And Alignment Of Multiple Graphics Objects
  • Grouping Graphic Objects
  • Accessing Formula Results In A Callout Bubble

12. Using Excel As A Database

  • Fixing Rows And Columns On Screen
  • Fixing Rows And Columns For Print
  • Sorting Data In A Worksheet
  • Filtering Data In A Worksheet
  • Removing Duplicates In An Excel Database
  • Adding And Using Subtotals In An Excel Database
  • Splitting One Column Of Data Into More Columns
  • Splitting The Screen To View Different Parts Of The Same Worksheet
  • Linking To Data On A Webpage

13. Using Charts In Excel

  • Creating A Chart The Long Way
  • Creating A Chart The Quick Way
  • Changing A Chart From A Sheet Object To A Sheet
  • Modifying Your Chart Type
  • Controlling Chart Style And Layout
  • Adding A Trend line To A Chart
  • Pie Charts In More Detail

14. More Advanced Formula

  • Adding An IF Function For Cell Comparisons
  • Using the IF Function To Suppress Excel Error Messages
  • Text Manipulation With Formulae – Part 1
  • Text Manipulation With Formulae – Part 2
  • Date Formula In Excel
  • DATEDIF – A Hidden But Useful Formula
  • Use Of A Formula To Rank Scores

15. Conditional Formatting

  • Changing Cell Appearance Based On Its Value
  • Editing Conditional Formatting Rules On A Worksheet
  • Removing Conditional Formatting Rules
  • Highlighting Duplicate Values Using Conditional Formatting
  • Identifying The Top Or Bottom Percentage Of A Range
  • Use Of Data Bars Within Conditional Formatting
  • Use Of Colour Scales Within Conditional Formatting
  • Applying An Icon Set To Conditional Formatting Rules

16. Office Web Apps And Excel

  • What Is Office Web Apps?
  • Sign In To Or Sign Up For Your Own SkyDrive
  • Saving An Excel Workbook Into SkyDrive
  • Accessing And Editing An Excel Workbook Through SkyDrive
  • Telling Others Where Your Public Documents Are
  • Direct Linking Or Embedding Of SkyDrive Documents
  • Creating A Folder Structure Within SkyDrive
  • Deleting Files From SkyDrive

17. Credits And Beyond

  • About The Author

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