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Filing it away – Evaluating file backup software – Part 4

Quick links for file backup software review:-

Overview of the contenders
Making Backups
Test 1 – Windows 7 1GB data
Test 2 – Windows 7 1GB data restored
Test 3 – Windows XP 7.56GB data
Test 4 – Windows XP 7.56GB data restored
Features at a glance
Comment on this article

Finally we deleted our original copy of the data and restored from the backups we just made, performing a CRC check on the data to make sure it was all present and correct:-

Program Time (mm:ss) Notes
Acronis True Image 2010 03:02
Cobian Backup 9 N/A Not supported – see below
Genie Backup Manager Professional 8 03:40
Oops Backup 03:22

No time is given for Cobian Backup again, since it does not directly support restoring files from a backup.

Other features

Here you can see at a glance the other useful features the packages offer. Some of the packages actually offer disaster recovery options that let you restore your computer in the event of a partial or total hard drive failure. Acronis True Image has full disaster recovery options since it includes full disk backup tools.

Feature Acronis Cobian Genie Backup Oops
Disaster Recovery Yes No Yes No
Encryption Yes (AES) Yes (Various types) Yes (AES) No
Plugins Yes (few) No Yes (many) No

Supported Media

To create a backup, you will need somewhere to back up to. Each package supports different backup media. For more information on backup media, see our guide to choosing backup media.

Media Acronis Cobian Genie Backup Oops
Hard drive Yes Yes Yes Yes
Network Yes Yes Yes Yes
DVD Yes No Yes No
Blu-ray Yes No No No
Tape No No Yes No
Online Yes No Yes No

Obviously media like blu-ray and DVD isn’t suitable for the kind of frequent backup that the time capsule backup packages require. Both Genie Backup Manager and Acronis directly support their own online backup services. For those wanting to use another service there are guides on the internet for the more popular online backup providers.

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