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Filing it away – Evaluating file backup software – Part 5

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Overview of the contenders
Making Backups
Test 1 – Windows 7 1GB data
Test 2 – Windows 7 1GB data restored
Test 3 – Windows XP 7.56GB data
Test 4 – Windows XP 7.56GB data restored
Features at a glance
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Time capsule backup – Ideal for home users

Oops Backup

Oops Backup is an ideal solution for home users

We know that lots of home users neglect to backup their important files, often because doing so is too complicated or too time consuming. The new time capsule style backup packages are absolutely ideal for less experienced home users. Both Genie Timeline and Oops backup are very easy to use, it’s really difficult to imagine how backup could be made any simpler. As long as you remember to connect your backup drive (and both packages will periodically remind you to do so) backup becomes a “set it and forget it” exercise.

Picking a winner between the two time capsule programs is easy Genie Software have addressed a number of the issues we encountered with Genie Timeline and released two new versions since this article was first published, you can read our reivew of Genie Timeline 2012 by cliking here.

Traditional backup – still has its place

Genie Backup Manager

Traditional file backup software packages such as Genie Backup Manager still have an important role to play in many backup plans

What the traditional backup packages lack in ease of use, they more than make up for in features and flexibility. Genie Backup Manager and Acronis True Image can cater for virtually any backup need. Advanced scheduling, multiple backup locations and comprehensive security options will please power users and businesses alike.

Picking a winner from the three contenders in this category was a little harder. Cobian Backup lacks many of the advanced features present in both Genie and Acronis but still performed well for a free package. Users who require additional backup above and beyond that offered by Oops backup could use Cobian to provide some of the extra flexibility that Oops lacks.

As for the two commercial contenders, if you’ve read our disk backup software review you will know that Acronis True Image 2010 is leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessors and includes a fantastic full disk backup suite. The fact that the customer is getting a first class file-level backup utility too makes True Image 2010 a very attractive package indeed.

Genie Backup Manager still manages to trump Acronis in the feature stakes by offering extensive plug-ins and support for tape backups. In the past, due to the poor performance of older versions of True Image, we’d have had no hesitation crowning Genie Backup Manager the clear winner amongst file backup software packages. While it’s true that Genie Backup is still the most feature rich file backup program in our test, Acronis is a better all rounder with its full suite of disk imaging tools. Both packages are highly recommended so it is just a matter of deciding which meets your needs best.

To find out more about the backup programs we reviewed, or to purchase a copy, support our site and use the links below (prices correct as of 10th March 2010, may not include applicable sales taxes):-

Acronis True Image 2010 ($49.99/E49.95/£39.95)
Cobian Backup 9 (Free)
Genie Backup Manager Professional 8 ($69.95)
Genie Timeline ($34.95)
Oops Backup ($37.00/E29.00/£29.00)

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