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Posted on Apr 16, 2013 in forum, Welcome | 2 comments

Introducing the forum

Now you can be part of our new, friendly community for Windows users of ALL ability levels. Discuss our tutorials, share your tips and experiences, get help with your computer problems and more by signing up to the forum. Click here to jump directly to our discussion forum or read on for more information.

Top-Windows-Tutorials has always been one of the friendliest sites on the internet for Windows computer users. Now, thanks to our discussion forum, you can communicate with the staff and other users of our website quickly and easily. Want to leave feedback on a tutorial, request a new tutorial or ask for help with a computer problem? All that and more can be done in a few clicks by signing up for a free forum account. All you require is a working e-mail address (which will not be shared with anyone else) and you are good to go.

Before you start, you may wish to read our forum rules.

We’re migrating our old forum to WordPress. Users with 0 posts and those that have been inactive for a long time have been deleted and will need to sign up again. To sign in, use the form below.

Forum signups are currently closed pending refurbishment work.

Problems logging in? Let us know right away!. To sign up for our new forum, use the form below.

Forum signups are currently closed pending refurbishment work.

Come and help us build the friendliest Windows discussion forum on the internet! Sign up for your free forum account today.

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  1. can some one tell me why this pop up every time i start up my laptop and what i can do to fix it

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