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    While trying to open an unfamiliar item in my documents, I misguidedly , when given the option to choose a program to open it, selected Adobe Reader. I inadvertently clicked to make it the choice for similar programs (.INT). Three red icons appeared in my document list. I tried to undo this change and then, for explanation I know not, all the icons on my desk top, tool bar, program lists under Start have switched to red Adobe icons which I cannot open. I tried System Restore but it failed to succeed and advised me that I needed to switch off a virus program. Given the state 😥 of my icons I am unable to access it. I do not have any backup or recovery points. Would it help if I uninstalled Adobe Reader? What I want is simply to recover the original icons. How can I undo this confusion which is denying me access to my pc? Please Help………..


    Some changes……………..
    I think this is how it happened – I was checking items in my Documents file (Windows 7) and came across one I didn’t recognise with the suffix .LNK. I couldn’t open it and was offered a choice of programs to use for that purpose.
    Chancing it, I chose from the list Adobe Reader and somehow I unknowingly and accidentally had chosen to make that the default program to open similarly suffixed items. Three other items showed up the red Adobe icon. I tried to correct these. And again – somehow, I know not how – all the icons on my desktop, including the list of programs in the Start, on the toolbar and in other places turned to being Adobe and would not open with a left click.
    I managed to get into System Restore but it failed to oblige because it claimed a virus program was running which I cannot open in the present predicament. Each time I try to open a program, it tells me that Adobe cannot open it. I can access Control Panel. Should I uninstall the Adobe programs there.? Unfortunately I have no recovery points from backup and I can no longer access System Restore.
    There must be a simpler way known to members. It only took an unguarded moment to create the problem. Please oblige, anyone?
    I have tried to open desktop icons, identifying them by the text beneath . When I right click on iTunes I get a drop down list and I am asked which program I want to open it with. I am offered a choice including iTunes. This opens it and I can access the elements of iTunes but the icon stays the same. I tried this with Internet Explorer (because I cannot get on line) and all the icons have changed to IE and are as uncooperative as their Adobe predecessors.
    I am deeply frustrated as I have many family photographs, documents etc and further I cannot access other projects I have in hand. Please can some member tell me where I went wrong and how I can recover the Windows7 I know.


    That’s a sticky one awkholmelad1, and apologies for not checking on on the forum for a few days. You’re right, if you click on an unknown file type, Windows will set that as the default program for opening that kind of file. You should be able to override this at any time by right clicking on a file and choosing “Open With…”. If you don’t see “Open With..” choose “Open File Location” first, which will take you to the actual location of the file rather than the shortcut.

    To fix your problem for all file types, try this handy program:-

    Let us know how you get on,




    Sorry, Matt, for the delayed response – I found a solution thus……………
    I kept tapping F8 when booting up and put the system into safe mode from which I was able to do a system restore.
    I had previously tried system restore in normal (albeit abnormal) mode and had no success. Thanks for your suggestions. I am going to have a look at

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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