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flash player wil not play on cbs,com

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    When I go to to play a video, it says adblocker on brouser prohibits playing video. I have a almost new PC with windows7 and Internt Explorer brouser. Any help would be much appreciated


    Hello Wvashug,

    Can you let us know what extensions you are running in Internet Explorer? To do this, open Internet Explorer and then go to the Tools menu, and select “Manage Add-ons”. Either write down everything under “Toolbars and Extensions” or simply post a screenshot, and we’ll go from there.


    I have my ISP e-mail, ( windows mail ) then I have hot mail that is my other mail, ( windows live mail ) but I can get to my windows mail from the windows live.
    both e-mail icons are on the desktop, I was hoping to make hot mail my main one, then get rid of the other one as I have lots and lots of trouble with the broad band, hope I have made sense there is always a first time 78 years coming up.


    There are lots of ways you can do that, with my g-mail for instance I have it pick up all my mail from my old Yahoo account. Setting it up depends on Windows Live Mail/Outlook and may require some technical know how.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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