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How to deal with temp file in windows 7?

Home Forums General Windows discussion How to deal with temp file in windows 7?

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    Hello Everyone,
    I’m naive user for windows 7 operating system. Actually I want delete temp file in Window 7 but i don’t have idea please give me some details about it and tell me also whether any option through which PC performance could be increase.

    Please give me your valuable suggestion.

    Thanks in advance!


    Hi PiyushChandra, welcome to the forums.

    For removing temporary files you could try the Disk Cleanup utility, you can find out about this utility here:-

    There are also lots of tips for speeding up windows on our site, start here

    Hope that helps!


    Hi PiyushChandra,
    There are many ways through which you can delete temporary file such as using third party tool software, using inbuilt feature of window 7, using browser clearing history option. Third party software tool is a good one in all of them. MindStick Cleaner is a one of the tool which perform cleaning action of window 7.
    MindStick Cleaner is a freeware software tool, so you can easily download it.

    I don’t have remember the exact download path of this software so you have to search in google by MindStick Cleaner.

    Marked as answer if this post will help you.


    Never heard of Mindstick Cleaner, CCleaner is another free alternative a lot of people use.


    You cannot delete temp files if they associated applications are open or in use.
    %temp% in the search box or in windows XP go to run and type %temp%
    It is also best to close all programs/applicationand then delete your TEMP files, (MOD , removed link as no useful information there) Because deleting some temp files might cause certain programs from working (MOD – Very unlikely). Keep in mind that you may have to delete temp files at least twice per week (MOD – Not necessary).


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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