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Incremental backup in windows server 2003 cancelled!

Home Forums General Windows discussion Incremental backup in windows server 2003 cancelled!

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    I have configured ntbackup in windows server 2003 sbs in incremental backup mode in our company server and scheduled it on daily basis and it is quiet running without any problems for the past three days.The location for the backup is in a network hard disk drive and the same backup file is set to be appended by the backup process daily.

    Today I am forced to stop it on the middle of the backup since there was a performance degradation so our staffs were not able to access the server properly.

    Iam worried that whether the current incremental backup file stored in the network hdd is corrupted and if I want to use the incremental backup file today to restore my server (in case of any fault in the server) upto yesterday , will it work?

    Please advise me




    Hello Techshan,

    We don’t get many Windows Server questions here. From the sound of things your backup should be fine, if you cancelled it through the software interface rather than doing something more drastic like a forced end-task or something similar. However, in a corporate setting you shouldn’t leave things to chance, verify the backup set just to be sure.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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