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System Image and other Back Up devices

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    I just bought my wife a Toshiba laptop with Win 7 Home Premium. I have made the Toshiba recovery DVD’s, the Win 7 System Repair Disk and am trying to make a System Image and setup BACK UP. However, the only drive BACKUP and RESTORE will let me use is the DVD drive. When I try to select a hard drive, none show up in the drop down list. I have a 500GB internal HDD in the laptop, a 2TB external USB drive on a HOME NETWORK computer running Win 7 Pro mapped to th laptop, and another large hard drive on another networked computer that is mapped to the laptop as well (however that computer runs on XP, so I guess that is why it won’t let me use it). I would prefer to save the image to an HDD instead of 4 or 5 DVD’s for obvious reasons. Any idea why the HDD’s don’t show up in BACKUP & RESTORE?


    Hi Mikey,

    Well you can’t use the computers internal drive since that’s the drive you’re backing up and Windows Backup won’t let you do that. Since you’re running Windows 7 Home Premium, you cannot backup to a mapped network drive either, as only Windows 7 Professional supports that.

    You could always purchase Acronis True Image if you require network backup functionality.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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