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Tutorial – How to disable Autoplay (Windows Vista/7)

Home Forums Tutorials Tutorial – How to disable Autoplay (Windows Vista/7)

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    The Autoplay feature in Windows allows programs stored on removable media to start as soon as the disk/memory stick/memory card is inserted into your PC. While this is a convenient feature, it can also be a security risk. Malware has taken advantage of this feature to automatically infect a machine as soon as the unfortunate user unwittingly accesses an infected disk.

    Disabling Autoplay in Windows Vista/Windows 7 is easy.Start by searching for “GPEDIT.MSC” on the Start Menu and clicking on the icon that appears:-


    A window titled “Local Group Policy Editor” will then appear:-


    from the folders on the left of this window, expand Administrative Templates, Windows Components, Autoplay Policies. You should now see “Turn off Autoplay” at the top of the list, Double click this. You will then see a “Turn Off Autoplay” window:-


    Configure the options on this window however you like. To completely disable autoplay, make sure to choose “Turn off Autoplay on: All Drives” under “Options:”. Finally click on OK and restart your computer.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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