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What ever happened to Snippets?

Home Forums General Windows discussion What ever happened to Snippets?

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    Is it my imagination, or did Windows at one time support saving snippets? I thought at one time you could highlight a block of data (in any Windows app) and drag it to the desktop and it would be saved (as I recall, you were prompted for a file name)? I have Googled it and found there is a Win7 snipping tool, but it is for capturing screen shots as I understand it.

    Does anyone else remember the ability to just highlight a block of text or other data and drag it to the desktop as a snippet? I also remember a free utility (I forget the name) that allowed you to do basically the same thing by using the clip board, but it required a few more steps of course.



    Hmm, I don’t remember this personally. You can copy text to the clipboard then, if you paste it into an explorer window, it will automatically create a text file for you with the text snippet in, is that what you mean?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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