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Windows 7 Superguide Patch 1

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    We are happy to announce the first patch for our hugely successful Windows 7 Superguide. This patch will work with all versions of the product (including custom corporate/educational versions). The patch addresses the following issues:-

    1) Administrator rights are no longer needed in order to run the Superguide. The Windows 7 Superguide can now be run from a standard user account without the need to use UAC to elevate the user to administrator, or from a standard account on an XP machine.

    2) The link that was intended to link to chapter 10 from chapter 9 actually linked to lesson 10, this is now fixed.

    3) The installation tutorials and related screenshots for Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash have been updated for the new versions of the programs.

    For more details or to download the patch, visit this page:-

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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