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Posted on Aug 4, 2011 in Smarter Surfing, Using the Internet | 0 comments

Roboform tutorial 1 – Installation

XP Compatibile tutorial Vista Compatibile tutorial Windows 7 Compatibile tutorial

Secure your passwords and online identities with Free Roboform, the number one password manager for Windows.

Quick links for Free Roboform:-

Tutorial 2 – Setting up identities
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Roboform homepage

Installing Free Roboform (previously known as AI Roboform) to your PC is a quick and easy process. This tutorial will take you through the steps required to install (or upgrade) the software. The first thing you should do is obtain the latest version of Roboform. Support the site by downloading the program directly from us by clicking this Roboform free download link. Save the file to your desktop or somewhere where you can easily access it. When the download is complete, double click the file or choose “open” in your browsers download manager to start the installation process.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 users should click “Continue” and/or enter their administrators password if prompted to do so by Windows User Account Control.

Once the installation has started, the following window will be displayed:-


Install Roboform - step 1


Click the link to read the license agreement and then if you agree, click on “Next”. The following window will then appear:-


Install Roboform - step 2


Here you can configure some elements of the Roboform installation. The default settings are perfect for most users, so simply click on “Next >”. Depending on your system you may then see the following window:-


Install Roboform - step 3


If a prompt like this appears, click on “Install”. You may need to manually close your web browser. The installation should then move to the window shown below:-


Install Roboform - step 4


There are now two versions of Roboform. “Everywhere” stores your encrypted password data in the cloud, meaning that you can access your logins from any PC. (This is how LastPass works). Desktop mode stores your Roboform data only on your PC. For our tutorials, we will be using Desktop mode, so choose “Desktop” and then click “Next”. The window shown below will then appear:-


Install Roboform - step 4


We now need to create a master password. This should be as long and as complex as you can comfortably remember without having to write it down. Using a pass phrase consisting of several words will give better security. Try to add some numbers as well and feel free to miss-spell words. Just remember that the password/phrase must be entered exactly the same way every time you want to access your Roboform data.

Once you have entered your password, enter it again in the second box to confirm it and then click “Next”. The installation is now complete. Your default web browser should now open and display the following page:-


Install Roboform - step 5


Free Roboform installation is complete. The next tutorial will demonstrate how to configure the software and enter your personal data.

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