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The best free Windows software on the Internet

Enhance your Windows experience with the best free Windows software on the Internet, as chosen by the staff and readers of Our readers have been enjoying the best free Windows software recommendations in our monthly top-windows-tutorials newsletter for several years. Once we reached 12 issues, we decided to organise all our favourite free software packages onto this page, ordered by category, so that new visitors to our site could quickly see which programs we love to use at! Of course, for more top software recommendations, visit the rest of our site and see what other software we cover in our tutorials. Now, on with the recommendations!

Don’t forget, you can also tell us about your favourite free software too! Simply use the comment form at the bottom of the page. Your submission could help thousands of fellow computer users!

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Reader Submissions

Desktop Enhancements
Instant Messaging and Social Networking
Media Players
Multimedia Applications
Online Utilities
Privacy and Security
Productivity/Office Tools
System Tools

Desktop Enhancements

Google Desktop (TWT Newsletter Issue 30)

Sadly, Google desktop has now been discontinued.

Launchy (TWT Newsletter Issue 5)

Launchy makes launching your favourite programs quick and easy, no more trawling through the start menu!

Qatapult (TWT Newsletter Issue 58)

Need a way to quickly launch programs with your keyboard? Qatapult could be just the tool you’re looking for!

Stardock Fences (TWT Newsletter Issue 22) (NO LONGER FREE)

Reorganise and tidy up your desktop with this fantastic utility. You can view our Stardock Fences tutorials by clicking here.

TrueTransparency (TWT Newsletter issue 36)

Add Aero Snap and Aero Peek style features to Windows XP and Windows Vista. What’s more, Windows XP users will get full, Vista style transparent windows on their desktop!

Yahoo Widgets (TWT Newsletter Issue 4)

Sadly, Yahoo Widgets has now been discontinued.

Instant Messaging and Social Networking

Digsby (TWT Newsletter Issue 10)

Another great multi-protocol instant messaging program!

Fishbowl (TWT Newsletter Issue 31)

Sadly, Fishbowl has now been discontinued

Pidgin (TWT Newsletter Issue 20)

A light-weight, fast and versatile multi-protocol instant messaging program. Supports the OTR plugin for super-private conversations! View our Pidgin tutorials by clicking here.

Trillian (TWT Newsletter Issue 2)

A superb multi-protocol instant messaging program with a huge following on the internet.

Tweetdeck (TWT Newsletter issue 61)

Mnitor and post to multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts all from the comfort of your own desktop.

Xfire (TWT Newsletter Issue 8)

XFire has now been discontinued.

Media Players

VLC Media Player (TWT Newsletter Issue 16)

A super powerful free media player that even supports playing DVD’s. Our tutorials for VLC can be found here.

Winamp (TWT Newsletter Issue 7)

Play, sync and organize your MP3 and Video collection in this popular Windows Media Player alternative.

Multimedia Applications

Adobe Acrobat Reader (TWT Newsletter Issue 15)

The leading PDF document reader from the people who created the format.

Boxee (TWT Newsletter Issue 26)

Sadly, Boxee for Windows has been discontinued

Comica (TWT Newsletter Issue 57)

Bring thousands of fun web comics to your desktop with this fun little tool

CutePDF Writer (TWT Newsletter Issue 13)

Print from any application directly to a PDF file, which can then be archived to your PC or e-mailed anywhere. A great utility for saving on paper!

Foxit PDF Reader (TWT Newsletter Issue 15)

A super fast PDF reader. Great for older laptops or tablets, or as one anonymous contributor put it:-

# Foxit’s NO BLOAT PDF Reader
# Small download, fast, accurate rendering
# Take it with you with low cost mobile readers for your phone or PDA
For most users, beats the pants off Adobe.

Freemake Video Converter (TWT Newsletter Issue 56)

An amazing free video format converter that can handle dozens of different video formats and convert between them quickly and easily.

Paint.NET (TWT Newsletter Issue 6)

Become a photo pro with this fully featured free art package, amazing!

Tagscanner (TWT Newsletter Issue 53)

Tagscanner is the most powerful free music tagging utility we have encountered. Once mastered you will be able to edit and tweak the tags on your music very quickly.

Online Utilities

Chromium Browser VM (TWT Newsletter Issue 34)

A special version of the Google Chrome web-browser with extremely tough security and very high resistance to online malware and viruses. Some technical know-how required for best results.

Evernote (TWT Newsletter Issue 55)

Evernote is a digital notebook, but it can do so much more than a regular notebook ever could. Notes can be organised, searched, spell checked and shared. All your notes are then synchronized with Evernote’s server and saved in the cloud. If you work on more than one PC or even with a Smart Phone, your notes are always available.

Free Download Manager (TWT Newsletter Issue 43)

Accelerate your downloads and resume failed downloads easily with this fantastic utility.

McAfee SiteAdvisor (TWT Newsletter Issue 9)

Tell the top sites from the crooks with this handy browser plug-in that helps keep you safe online.

Mozilla Firefox (TWT Newsletter Issue 14)

Browse more safely using this excellent Internet Explorer replacement.

Mozilla Thunderbird (TWT Newsletter Issue 23)

Take control of your e-mail inbox with this excellent E-mail, RSS and Usenet newsgroup reader.

Seesmic Desktop (TWT Newsletter issue 40)

Seesmic Desktop has now been discontinued.

Showcase for Firefox (TWT Newsletter Issue 19)

Managing your browser tabs has never been easier, thanks to this handy add-on.

Spotify (TWT Newsletter Issue 42)

Access thousands of music files legally and for free with this amazing service.

Stardock Impulse (TWT Newsletter Issue 18)

Stardock Impulse has now been discontinued.

Privacy and Security

Eraser 6.0.7(TWT Newsletter issue 41)

Securely shred confidential files and free space on your PC with this powerful free utility.

Truecrypt (TWT Newsletter Issue 11)

Truecrypt has now been discontinued, but you can get the same functionality from the new VeraCrypt package. Our site features extensive VeraCrypt tutorials, click here to view them.

Roboform (TWT Newsletter Issue 6)

Keep your passwords safe and secure and automatically fill in forms on the web with this handy little tool (free for the first 20 passwords you store, paid for after that).

Productivity/Office Tools

EssentialPIM (TWT Newsletter Issue 21)

Manage your contacts and appointments with this fast, versatile PIM (personal information manager).

Gramps (TWT Newsletter Issue 59)

Build your family tree and find out fascinating facts about your ancestors with this powerful genealogical software. 3 (TWT Newsletter Issue 18)

A completely free, Microsoft Office compatible office suite, amazing! Don’t forget we offer a fantastic 16 lesson training course for Writer, click here to find out more.

Winmerge (TWT Newsletter Issue 29)

a fantastic, powerful utility that can compare two different text files or two folders side by side. You can then easily see any differences between the files and use the mouse and cursor keys to merge changes.

Need a Winmerge plugin for files? You can download that here.

System Tools

7-Zip (TWT Newsletter Issue 3)

Work easily with Zip, Rar and 7-Zip files with this completely free archiving tool. View our 7-zip tutorials by clicking here

Autopatcher (discontinued) (TWT Newsletter Issue 1)

Autopatcher allowed users to download Windows updates onto a CD or DVD and use them on multiple PC’s without an internet connection. Autopatcher is now discontinued thanks to Microsoft, for a similar free utility, see the Do-it-yourself Service Pack/Offline Update Maker from Torsten Wittock.

Autoruns (TWT Newsletter Issue 28)

Manage start up programs and services with this powerful tool. You can view our Autoruns tutorial by clicking here.

Daemon Tools Lite (TWT Newsletter issue 39)

Daemon tools is a special piece of software that acts like a virtual DVD drive. Using the programs system tray icon you can ‘mount’ a CD/DVD image (ISO image or most other kinds) and use it as if it was a real CD or DVD disc. This means you can explore and test the contents of a disc without having to use a real recordable CD or DVD first.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free 3.0 (TWT Newsletter Issue 52)

Create a complete backup of a hard drive and even restore that image to a different computer. All for free

GameSave Manager (TWT Newsletter Issue 50)

GameSave Manager scans your computer for saved games/profiles and other data from the games on your PC. It then backs these up to a folder of your choice or, if you have DropBox, it can back them up to the cloud.

HashOnClick (TWT Newsletter Issue 24)

Verify files on your computer quickly and easily with this handy windows explorer plug-in.

InfraRecorder (TWT Newsletter Issue 17)

Burn CD’s, DVD’s and CD/DVD image files for free with this superb utility. Need help using InfraRecorder? Tutorials are available here.

ImgBurn (TWT Newsletter Issue 51)

ImgBurn can create CD/DVD image files from physical media, record image files back to physical media and also record folders or files to CD/DVD. These tasks can be done on any version of Windows from Windows XP all the way up to Windows 7 64.

Input Director (TWT Newsletter Issue 32)

Control multiple PC’s from one keyboard and mouse with this handy desk-space saving utility.

Konboot (TWT Newsletter Issue 49)

Forgot your Windows password? no problem! Kon Boot easily bypasses the Windows logon allowing you to reset it.

MozBackup (TWT Newsletter Issue 25)

Backup your Thunderbird and Firefox profile data with this handy utility.

OCCT (TWT Newsletter Issue 45)

OCCT is a stress-testing tool that can detect if your power supply is not adequate, or if your computer cooling is under-par.

Backup your Thunderbird and Firefox profile data with this handy utility.

QuickSFV (TWT Newsletter Issue 33)

Quickly verify files and folders on any storage device with this invaluable utility.

Secunia PSI (TWT Newsletter Issue 48)

Secunia PSI is a security tool designed to detect vulnerable and out-dated programs and plug-ins which expose your PC to attacks and then help you update them.

Startup Delayer 3 (TWT Newsletter Issue 54)

Startup Delayer is a tool for smoothing out the startup procedure on your PC. If you have lots of programs that all run when your PC starts, you can use Startup Delayer to temporarily delay them, so that several programs are not all trying to start at once.

Teracopy ( TWT Newsletter issue 37)

Streamline and speed up copying of big files or multiple files with this excellent system enhancement.

Unlocker ( TWT Newsletter issue 44)

Unlocker allows you to right-click on a file and see exactly which program or service is using the file, preventing you from deleting it. Even better, Unlocker allows you to ‘unlock’ the file, seizing control back from whatever application was currently using it and allowing you to remove or delete it as you see fit.

Streamline and speed up copying of big files or multiple files with this excellent system enhancement.

VirtualBox (TWT Newsletter Issue 27)

Run legacy windows software easily with this powerful virtualization tool.

Know about some great free Windows software? Share it with us

Do you know about a great piece of free Windows software that we don’t cover on our site? Let us know about your favourite free application, widget or game and benefit the hundreds of Windows users who visit us every month. Simply use the comment form at the bottom of the page to submit your favourite piece of free software.

Great free software other readers have found


Its a great image viewer with some editing feature, it also have multimedia plug ins, so you can watch video clips and listen to ……

uHook Personal 2.0 (NO LONGER FREE)

There is USB security product, which is free for private users to download. The name of the product is uHook Personal 2.0. The product supports windows ……

EVERYTHING Search Engine

This simple tool called “Everything”, is a lightning fast and extremely useful Windows search engine to locate files or folders in the hard disc or hard ……


EASEUS Todo Backup 1.0 is an award-winning and Free backup and restore solution and for a good reason! With detailed instruction wizards, your data will ……

Free Cloud Backup Services

There’s so many out there but I can really recommend Zip Cloud. Here’s a good review about it

We say Thanks Rita, there are a lot of cloud storage ……

Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition
Widely compatible:

1. Supports Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 Professional and the latest Windows 8 Consumer Preview

2. Compatible with 32 and 64 bit

Free ……

Prayaya V3
Prayaya V3 Speed Virtual System is short name of virtual operating system. This virtual system can generate a new virtual image of the existing operating ……


This is the absolute best protective program (besides a pay-for antivirus suite) I’ve ever used (out of at ……

Tux Paint
Free Paint program for kids. Includes sound effects and lots of fun features, including “magic”.

We say – A fun little program, ……

Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition
Overview: Versatile partitioning utility, Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition (Freeware) can provide the best partition/disk management solution and ……

NoteTab Light

Libraries for auto-correct, HTML commands, etc., can make own libraries

Convert to or strip HTML, command to view open HTML ……

Jing allows you to create 5 minute Flash videos and upload it to FaceBook or

We say:- This anonymous contributor forgot to provide ……

VIM is a great text editor…it is the upgrade of VI

Click here to find out more. …

Good free off-line English dictionary.

We say – This anonymous contributor forgot to include a web address. Visit this page for more information. ……

Software Informer
Helps to update the software on your computer informing about new versions and also has a floating icon on the desktop that launches installed applications ……

Good free off-line dictionaries.

We say – This anonymous contributor forgot to include a web address. Visit this page for more information. According ……

KeePass Password Safe
Keep your passwords safe and secure and synchronize for free.

We say – This anonymous contributor forgot to include a web address. Visit this page ……

EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition
EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition is a FREE disk partitioning utility that offers a range of powerful functions. These functions include resizing partitions, ……

FlexTk Express (freeware) is a unique file management toolkit providing a large set of advanced file and storage management capabilities including file ……

EASEUS Disk Copy
EASEUS Disk Copy is a potent freeware providing sector-by-sector disk/partition clone regardless of your operating system, file systems and partition scheme. ……

Pidgin Tutorial 3 – Adding accounts
I like Pidgin and use it myself. It’s an alternative to Trillian and in my opinion works at least as well.

We Say – We love Pidgin too, its a great ……

RegCleaner 4.3

RegCleaner 4.3

RegCleaner deletes registry entries. You can delete DLLs with the Shared DLLs feature and shortcut files with the Startup feature. ……

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