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Posted on Nov 18, 2015 in Superguides, Windows 10 Superguide | 0 comments

Get Windows 10 Superguide in Physical Book Format

win10-bookToday we’re excited to announce that our highly acclaimed Windows 10 Superguide is finally available in physical book format. With our training courses and guides, we’ve always strived to make the content available in as many formats as possible. Our premium training courses let you learn on your PC, but since our material is so in-depth, many readers benefit from having an e-book or physical book for reference too. Now you can have the entire 65 lesson course in physical book format.

While we love e-books, there’s no beating a physical book for reference and study. You can effortlessly move between pages and sections with your fingers, not to mention read the book anywhere, without worrying about hooking up your e-reader. Our physical book also contains a carefully prepared 18 page full index at the back to make finding concepts and lessons as quick as possible.

Grab your copy of Windows 10 Superguide in physical book format today, by visiting our sales page here, and complete your Windows 10 reference library. We’re confident you won’t find a better, more in-depth or complete Windows 10 beginners guide anywhere else.

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