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Posted on Apr 16, 2013 in Make Windows Faster, PC Maintenance | 0 comments

How to make Windows faster by disabling the indexing services

If you are still wondering how to make Windows faster, then consider this tweak to disable Windows file and folder indexing services. Disabling indexing services on Windows XP is a safe and easy tweak that can be undone at any time. Windows 2000 users do not need to follow this tutorial as indexing services are not enabled by default on that operating system. Windows Vista, on the other hand, uses a whole new indexing service to power its desktop search functionality. Although Windows Vista does include the same indexing services as Windows XP, they are not enabled by default and are only included for backwards compatibility reasons.

Windows Vista Users – If you surfed onto this page and you are looking for a tutorial on the indexing services in Windows Vista, click here.

Disabling indexing services in Windows XP can save you a good deal of computer memory and processor resources. However, disabling them can make searching your computer much slower.

Follow this tutorial if you want to disable (or re-enable) indexing services on a Windows XP machine.

Open the control panel by going to the start menu and selecting control panel as shown below:-


Disable indexing servieces Step 1


In the window that appears, click on “Add or Remove Programs” as shown in the picture below. (Note: if the Window that appears does not look like the one in the picture below, please click on “Switch to Category view”).


Disable indexing servieces Step 2


The Add or Remove Programs window now appears, click on “Add/Remove Windows Components” as shown in the picture below:-


Disable indexing servieces Step 3


The window below will now appear. Locate “Indexing Service” in the list and click on the box next to it to remove the tick mark. Press “Next” when you are done. (If the box is not ticked, indexing services are already disabled and you can simply press cancel).


Disable indexing servieces Step 4


Once you press Next in the window above, the following window will appear and there will be a short pause while Windows configures some files.


Disable indexing servieces Step 5


When you see the window below appear, everything has been configured correctly. Click on finish to complete the process. To re-enable indexing services at a later date, follow this tutorial again but this time put a tick next to “Indexing Service” instead of removing one. Be sure to check out our other tips on how to make windows faster in the main article!


Disable indexing servieces Step 6


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