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Posted on Apr 16, 2013 in Desktop Enhancements, Skins and Themes | 0 comments

Growl for Windows Tutorial 1 – Installation

Brighten up your favourite programs notifications with Growl for Windows. Growl is a system that allows applications to send simple notification messages. By using Growl, applications can send notifications in a consistent, uniform manner and even send them across a local network to another PC or device, such as a smartphone!

As always, installing the software is pretty easy and we have included a step by step tutorial just in case any of our readers need one. If you are the kind of user that usually skips the installation tutorial, please be sure to read at least the first three paragraphs to avoid problems while installing.

To get started with Growl, first visit the Growl for Windows homepage here. Use the download link on the right of the page. The file is downloaded as a zip file and must be extracted prior to installation. Simply right click on the zipped folder and choose “extract all”. If you’re not familiar with zip files, see this page.

Once the files are extracted, open the newly created Growl folder, inside the folder there will be two files:-


Install Growl - Running the right file


To install Growl, click on the Setup file (and not the Growl_v2.x file). Installation will now begin and the window shown below will appear:-


Install Growl - Step 1


Click on “Next >”. The following window will then appear:-


Install Growl - Step 2


Here we can choose a location to install the Growl program files to. The default location is fine for most users, so simply click on “Next >”. The following window will then be displayed:-


Install Growl - Step 3


Simply click on “Next >” to start the installation process. There will be a short delay while files and folders are copied and configured. When the process is complete the following window will appear:-


Install Growl - Step 4


Installation is now complete. Click on “Close” and proceed to the next tutorial.

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