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Posted on Apr 16, 2013 in PC Maintenance, Troubleshoot Windows | 0 comments

ShellExView tutorial 1 – Installation

Troubleshoot Windows Explorer crashes and other Windows problems with ShellExView. If you are experiencing strange problems or crashes when right clicking in Windows Explorer, or when browsing to certain types of content, a rogue shell extension might be to blame. Shell extensions allow third party software to add extra functionality to Windows such as new options on the context menu (right click menu). To view the shell extensions installed on your PC, you can use a utility called “ShellExView”. The homepage for this software is here. The download link is at the bottom of that page, or alternatively click here to download the 32 bit installer or click here to download the 64 bit version. The 64 bit version does not have an installer and must be manually unzipped to a folder of your choice.

For 32 bit systems we prepared this short installation tutorial. Once you have downloaded the installer, double click or choose “Open” from your browsers download manager to start the installation process. Windows Vista and Windows 7 users may need to enter their administrator password and/or click “Yes” if prompted by User Account Control. The following window will then appear:-


Install ShellExView - Step 1


Click “Next >”. The following window will then appear:-


Install ShellExView - Step 2


Here you can choose where to install the program on your computer. The default location is fine for most users, so simply click on “Next >”. There will be a short pause while files are copied and then the following window will appear:-


Install ShellExView - Step 3


Installation is now complete. You can start the program by clicking “Finish”.

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