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Using Instant Messaging Software to keep in touch with friends and family has never been easier, thanks to our IM tutorials

Instant messaging software is widely available and widely used on Windows PC’s. Modern instant messaging software is so advanced that some users have done away with their regular land-line telephones and simply installed IM and VOIP software on their computers!

If you are not familiar with what IM and VOIP actually is, please see our Introduction to Instant Messaging.

Using our tutorials, you’ll soon be able to configure and use a wide range of IM software which should cater for virtually any need.


Jitsi is a popular open-source alternative to Skype and other VOIP programs with a strong focus on privacy and security.

Tutorial 1 – Installing Jitsi
Tutorial 2 – Setting up an XMPP Account for Jitsi
Tutorial 3 – Adding, managing and chatting with contacts
Tutorial 4 – Audio and video settings

Pidgin icon

Pidgin is a multi-protocol instant messaging program. This means that from one program, you can chat to friends who use the AOL, Windows Live, Yahoo, Google Talk and several other networks too. Fantastic if you have lots of friends on different networks and you don’t want to clutter up your computer by downloading two or more different IM programs.

Tutorial 1 – Installing Pidgin
Tutorial 2 – Installing Aspell Spell Checker
Tutorial 3 – Configuring Accounts in Pidgin
Tutorial 4 – Managing Contacts
Tutorial 5 – Installing OTR for Private Conversations
Tutorial 6 – Your First OTR Private Conversation
Exploring Pidgin Plugins
Best of the Purple Pidgin Plugin Pack

Skype icon

Skype is the most commonly used internet telephone (voice over IP) application. Our tutorials show how you can install and configure this excellent free software and start making phone calls using your internet connection. The tutorials below have now been fully updated for Skype 7.

Tutorial 1 – Installing Skype
Tutorial 2 – Setting up a Skype Account
Tutorial 3 – Skype Audio Settings and Making a Call
Tutorial 4 – Managing Skype Contacts

Trillian icon
Trillian 5

Trillian 5 is another multi-protocol instant messaging program. Just like Pidgin, you can chat to friends who use the AOL, Windows Live, Yahoo, Google Talk and several other networks too. Which program should you choose, Trillian or Pidgin? It depends on your specific requirements and preferences, so the choice is yours. Check out or Multi-protocol IM Showdown article if you need help deciding.

Tutorial 1 – Installing Trillian 5
Tutorial 2 – Setting up Trillian 5 and your Trillian Account
Tutorial 3 – Adding accounts and using Twitter
Tutorial 4 – Managing contacts

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