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Posted on Apr 30, 2015 in Instant Messaging Tutorials, Using the Internet | 1 comment

Jitsi Tutorial 2 – Getting started

In this video tutorial, we’ll look at using Jitsi for the first time. We’ll get an XMPP account from Duck Duck Go and configure Jitsi to use it.

To start the video presentation, please click on the picture below.

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Additional notes

Why use XMPP? The nice thing about XMPP is that it’s an open standard, like e-mail. While Facebook and Google may shut off or close their chat services, there’s no one big corporation in charge of XMPP so a similar thing cannot happen. Even if DuckDuckGo were to close their XMPP service, it would simply be a matter of moving to a different provider.

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1 Comment

  1. Could we have a tutorial on a video call?
    It seems that jitsi does not offer this option, or does it?

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