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Posted on Jun 29, 2010 in Convert tapes to MP3, Multimedia | 0 comments

Enable playback of your sound cards line in input in Windows Vista

Vista Compatibile tutorial Last updated June 29, 2010 10:24 AM

In this short supplemental tutorial, we will demonstrate how to listen to the line in input on a Windows Vista machine. The procedure for doing this is similar to Windows 7, but varies in a few key places.

To get started with this procedure, first open the Control Panel and choose “Hardware and Sound”, just like we did in the Windows 7 video.

Enable line in playback in Vista - Step 1

Now, click on “Sound” as circled in red in the picture above. The following window will then appear:-

Enable line in playback in Vista - Step 2

Select your speakers from the list by clicking them once and then click on “Properties”. The following window will then be displayed:-

Enable line in playback in Vista - Step 3

In the Properties window that now appears, choose the “Levels” tab. Ensure that line In is not muted (does not have the red circle icon next to it). Click on “Apply” and start your cassette playing, you should now hear the audio from your cassette player through your PC’s speakers.

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