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Stay in touch with all your friends, family and colleagues with Windows Live Messenger! – Tutorial 5 – Using Windows Live Family Safety

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Tutorial 2 – Managing contacts
Tutorial 3 – Audio and video settings

Tutorial 4 – Setting up family safety

Windows Live Messenger Homepage.

In this video, we’ll demonstrate Windows Live Family Safety in action. We’ll show you what happens when a child wants to add a contact to their messenger account and how you can grant permission for this to happen.

To start the video presentation, please click on the picture below.

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Current Video Playback problems:- We are aware of a problem where the video playback control bar is not automatically hiding itself and obscuring part of the video. We’re rolling out a new video player across the site that resolves this issue and this video will be upgraded soon.

Additional notes

Remember that you need to install Windows Live Family Safety on every PC that your children use. You don’t need to reconfigure it for every PC however. Once Family Safety is installed on the PC, logging in with your Live ID will download the appropriate filter and safety settings from your Windows Live account on the internet.

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