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Posted on Mar 2, 2015 in Backup, Backup Tutorials | 0 comments

Macrium Reflect Tutorial 1 – Installation

Macrium Reflect is an amazing free software package that can create a copy or an image of an entire hard drive. This is really useful in a number of situations. Perhaps you have just bought a new PC and you want to save a completely factory fresh copy of its hard drive before you start to use it. Doing this can save you lots of money in future computer repair bills if your hard drive fails. Perhaps you want to upgrade to a new version of Windows but have a fall-back just in case things don’t work out? Whatever the reason, Macrium Reflect can help you. The free version can copy and image hard drives and partitions and you can move up to the more feature rich paid versions at any time.

To get started using the program, we need to install it. Download the latest version from the page here. Use the big green “Download now” button near the top-middle of the page and ignore all the others as they are simply adverts for other programs. Once the download is complete, choose “Open” or “Run” in your browsers download manager to start the installation process. The following window will then appear.




The program you download from the web is actually just a download manager for the main Macrium Reflect program. Make sure the options are configured as shown in the screenshot above, then click on “Download”. The following window will then be displayed.




Click on “Yes” and the download procedure will start. Wait while the files are copied to your computer. You will also need to enter your administrator password and/or click on “Yes” if user account control prompts you to grant permission to install the software. When the process is complete, the following window will appear.




Click on “Next” to proceed to the window shown below.




Click on “Next >”. The following window will then be displayed.




Scroll down to read the license agreement and if you agree, make sure that “I accept the terms in the License Agreement” is selected, then click on “Next >”. The following window will then appear.




Since we are installing the free version, our license key will be filled out automatically. Click on “Next”. The window shown below will then appear.




On this window, you can register your software with Macrium if you want to. By registering, Macrium will notify you when there is an update to the program. This step is entirely optional however. Either choose “No”, or fill out your details, then click on “Next”. The following window will then appear.




Here you can choose where on your computer you want to install the program. The default directory is fine for most users, so simply click on “Next >”. The following window will then be displayed.




Click on “Install” to begin the installation process. Wait while files are copied and configured. When the process is complete, the following window will appear.




Installation is now complete. Click on “Finish” and proceed directly to our next tutorial.

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