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Posted on Apr 16, 2013 in Make Windows Faster, PC Maintenance | 0 comments

Calling all our expert readers! Tell us how you make Windows faster on your PC

Do you have a great tip or technique to make Windows faster? If you think our readers could benefit from your expertise then please submit your tip or technique below. You’ll be benefiting the hundreds of Windows users who visit our site every month and your submission may even be made into a full tutorial where we’ll give you full credit for your contribution. So don’t delay, share your knowledge today!

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How have other PC experts improved performance on their Windows PC’s?

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Track using the task manager and CPU usage
There are quite a few options you can try. Rather than doing a fresh install on your computer, you can monitor your performance through task manager and ……

Clean disk, clear registry errors, defragment, disk check, etc. regularly, and never over concentrate.

We say – We’re not sure what this anonymous ……

Eject DVD’s
We have found that our PC boots up much faster if we eject any DVD disks we have been using before Windows starts to load up.

We Say – Great tip Pat, ……

Uninstall Windows, then format your HD, and reinstall Windows. Your PC should be quick for an hour or so before you need to repeat.

We say – An hour? ……

Know some great ways to make Windows faster? Share them with us!

Attention all you Windows experts! We hope you found our tutorials on making Windows faster to be useful. Now we want to hear your tips and techniques for a faster PC.

Use the comment form below to add your tips and tricks!

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