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Posted on Apr 16, 2013 in PC Maintenance, Update Windows | 0 comments

Manage Microsoft Windows XP updates and adjust your automatic update options

Managing Microsoft Windows XP updates is easy, Microsoft provide several update options to suit all users. Windows 2000 users can also access their automatic update options in a similar way. Below are step by step instructions on how to access update options in Windows XP, there are only three quick steps to follow:-

Step 1 – Click on “Start” and choose Control Panel from the Start menu:-

Launching the control panel

Step 2 – On the Control Panel, choose “Security Center”:-

Choosing Security Center from the control panel

Step 3 – From the options that now appear, choose “Automatic Updates” :-

Selecting Automatic Updates

Voilà, the Automatic Updates window will be displayed!

If you are a Windows 2000 user, you only need access your Control Panel (in the same way as we access it in the tutorial above) and select “Automatic Updates”. Windows XP users who have their Control Panel set to classic view can also do this.

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