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Posted on Jun 23, 2015 in PC-Basics, Windows Basics | 0 comments

Computer Basics Tutorial 5 – The Mouse Properties window

If you are having difficulty using the mouse, then setting the mouse properties in Windows might help. From this window, you can change your mouse to a left handed configuration, practise double clicking and alter lots of other settings to do with your favourite electronic rodent.

Please wait a moment while the video loads. To start the video presentation, please click on the picture below once the play icon appears.

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Additional notes

If you want to change your mouse pointers, see this tutorial.

This video was filmed with Windows 10, but the process of configuring the mouse is the same in all versions of Windows, you simply need to know how to access the mouse properties window.

Windows XP – To access the mouse properties on Windows XP machines, first open the Control Panel by opening the start menu and choosing “Control Panel”. The Control Panel will then appear, as shown below:-


Accessing Mouse Properties in XP - Step 1


Note – If your Control Panel does not look like this, you may need to click on “switch to category view” on the left hand side of the Control Panel window. Now, locate “printers and other hardware”, it is circled in red in the picture above. Click it, and the Control Panel will change to look like the picture shown below:-


Accessing Mouse Properties in XP - Step 2


Locate “Mouse” from the icons near the bottom of the Control Panel. Click on it and the properties window will appear exactly as it did in the video. You can now follow the tutorial for changing mouse options just like we did in Windows Vista.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 – Open the Start menu and choose “Control Panel”. In the Control Panel window, use the search box to search for “Mouse”, then click on “Change mouse settings” (click on the picture below to enlarge it).


Windows 8 – Open the Start screen and search for “Mouse” under “Settings”, then click on the icon shown in the picture below (click on the picture to see a bigger version):-


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