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Posted on Apr 16, 2013 in Microsoft Office, Superguides | 0 comments

Get up to speed with Office 2010 with this fantastic training course by Guy Vaccaro

Office 2010 course

Microsoft Office 2010 is used by millions of businesses and home users all around the world. While OpenOffice remains a viable alternative for many, those who want the very best cutting edge office suite, still look to Microsoft Office for their productivity needs.

Several of our readers have asked us about a training course for Microsoft Office. Currently we do not have the resources to produce one in-house, so we searched the internet for the best Office 2010 training materials. Guy Vaccaro has produced a fantastic guide to Office 2010 that you can now purchase through us.

In this Microsoft Office 2010 training course, instructor Guy Vaccaro will introduce you to the Office 2010 interface, and explore the new features of each application within the MS Office 2010 suite. You will watch actual video of the authors computer as he talks you through each of the applications, from Word to Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, even OneNote and Publisher. Guy examines the new features in each application and how you can accomplish common tasks with the new 2010 versions. Included are work files, to allow you to follow along with the author in this tutorial. By the completion of the video training title, you will be familiar with the new features of Office 2010 and ready to apply your previous experience to the new versions of each Office 2010 application.

The complete contents of the training course are listed below. Thanks to our friends at Infinite Skills, we are able to bring you the first 17 video tutorials absolutely free, simply click on the links to be taken to the relevant lesson (videos open in a new window/tab due to their size).

01. Office 2010 Introduction

02. Office Word 2010

03. Office Excel 2010

04. Office PowerPoint 2010

  • Getting Started With PowerPoint 2010
  • What’s New For PowerPoint 2010
  • Adding An Organization Chart
  • Running A Slide Show
  • Using The Picture Gallery Tool
  • Create A Video From Your Presentation
  • Create A CD From Your Presentation

05. Office Outlook 2010

  • Getting Started With Outlook 2010
  • What’s New For Outlook 2010
  • Setting Up An Email Account For Hotmail
  • Setting Up An Email Account For A POP3 Account
  • Adding An Appointment To The Calender

06. Office Access 2010

  • Getting Started With Access 2010
  • What’s New For Access 2010
  • Creating A Database From A 2010 Template
  • Creating A 2010 Access Query
  • Adding A Macro To Access 2010

07. Office Publisher 2010

  • Getting Started With Publisher 2010
  • What’s New For Publisher 2010
  • Creating A Product Catalog
  • A Quick 2012 Calender
  • Linked Or Embedded Images You Decide With The New Graphics Manager

08. Office OneNote 2010

  • OneNote 2010 – What Is It?
  • Screen Capture Using OneNote
  • Adding Sound And Video Recordings To OneNote
  • Adding External Documents To OneNote 2010

09. Windows Live And Web Apps

  • Getting Signed Up For A Windows Live Account
  • Sharing An Outlook Calender Via The Internet
  • Broadcast A PowerPoint Presentation Across The Internet
  • Getting Started With Web Apps
  • Accessing Your SkyDrive Files Online With Web Apps

10. Office 2010 Integration

  • Embedding Or Linking Office Documents Inside Office Documents
  • Word Mail Merge Using Excel Or Access Data
  • Email Office Files From Their Relevant Application

Order now!

To order for $49.95, either as a DVD or digital download, click here. We are confident you won’t find a better introduction to Microsoft Office 2010 anywhere on the internet.

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