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Posted on Apr 16, 2013 in Microsoft Office, Superguides | 0 comments

Get up to speed with Office 2013 with this in-depth new training course by experienced instructor Guy Vaccaro

Office 2013 course

The latest version of Microsoft’s popular office suite, Office 2013, is now available to buy from all major retailers. While OpenOffice remains a viable alternative for many, those who want the very best cutting edge office suite, still look to Microsoft Office for their productivity needs.

Several of our readers have asked us about a training course for Microsoft Office. Currently we do not have the resources to produce one in-house, so we searched the internet for the best Office training materials. Guy Vaccaro, who also produced our Office 2010 tutorals, has produced another fantastic guide for Office 2013 that you can now purchase through us.

In this project-based Getting Started With Microsoft Office 2013 video tutorial series, you will quickly have relevant skills for real-world applications. Follow along with our expert instructor in this training course to get concise, informative and broadcast-quality Microsoft Office 2013 training videos. You will learn at your own pace, using the guides intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Practical work files further enhance the learning process and provide a degree of retention that is unmatched by any other form of Microsoft Office 2013 beginners tutorial, online or offline, so you will know the exact steps for your own Office projects.

The complete contents of the training course are listed below. Thanks to our friends at Infinite Skills, we are able to bring you 8 video tutorials absolutely free, simply click on the links to be taken to the relevant lesson (videos open in a new window/tab due to their size).

Free videos from this course

01. The Big Changes

  • Office 2013 Overview
  • Office365 Overview
  • Skydrive
  • Using The Working Files
  • About The Author
  • The Office Account

02. Excel 2013

  • Welcome To Excel 2013
  • Trendy Graphical Formula Updating
  • The Amazing Flash Fill
  • Recommended Charts
  • Recommended Pivot Tables
  • The New FORMULATEXT Function
  • Posting Excel Files Onto Social Networks
  • Cool Apps For Excel 2013

03. Word 2013

  • The New Word Layout
  • Edit PDFs Without A Need For Adobe
  • Threaded Comments
  • Read Mode And Resume Read
  • Insert Online Images And Control Them With Ease
  • Publish Directly From Word To A Blog
  • Publish To Facebook And/Or Twitter
  • Office Apps For Word

04. Powerpoint 2013

  • Powerpoint Interface Introduction
  • Wide Screen And Alignment Guides
  • New Slideshow Functions – Including Active Zoom
  • Resume Reading And Threaded Comments
  • Creating MP4 Videos

05. Access 2013

  • New Access Interface
  • Quick And Easy Object Creation
  • ADP Is Dead, Long Live Custom Apps

06. Outlook 2013

  • The New Look And Feel Of Outlook
  • The Weather Bar
  • Manage Microsoft Hotmail/Livemail Accounts
  • Contacts Are Now People
  • Social Network Feeds Into People Cards

07. Publisher 2013

  • Publisher 2013 Walk Through
  • Enhanced Image Tools
  • Commercial Printing From Pub Files

08. Office 2013 Summary

  • Using OneNote 2013 In The Cloud
  • OneNote – Working With The Rest Of Office 2013
  • Moving On With Office 2013

Order now!

To order for $49.95, either as a DVD or digital download, click here. We are confident you won’t find a better introduction to Microsoft Office 2013 anywhere on the internet.

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