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Posted on Nov 28, 2013 in Backup, Planning A Backup | 0 comments

Doing the Time Warp again – Oops!Backup Vs. Genie Timeline

Doctor Who may have the Tardis, but for us mere humans, time travel is impossible. That means, there’s no going back in time to recover that file or document you accidentally edited or deleted. That is of course, unless you get your own time capsule for your computer. In this bench test, we will be looking at two backup packages, namely Oops!Backup and Genie Timeline. These programs take a modern approach to backup, one that Apple introduced with their Time Machine backup program on the Apple Mac. Unlike traditional backup programs, which typically take a snapshot of your data at a set time interval, these time capsule backup packages check your files frequently throughout the day, and back up any files that are added or changed. Several years ago, we tested Oops!Backup and Genie Timeline against several other traditional backup programs. In this article, which represents our most in-depth bench test yet, we will put the two contenders against each other and expose all of their strengths and weaknesses in a gruelling set of tests, including a real-world test for both packages.

The contenders

genie-timeline-snippetGenie Timeline Professional 2013 – Genie Timeline 2013 is the fourth version of the program. Building on the strengths of the previous version and adding even more new features. The last time we reviewed Genie Timeline, back in 2012, we called it the “Clear Winner” over it’s rival, Oops!Backup. Can this new version impress us as much as its predecessors?

oops-backup-snippetOops!Backup – Altaro’s Oops!Backup now makes up just one of the company’s many backup products. Oops!Backup is known for its blazing fast speeds, its easy to use interface and powerful time capsule style backup facilities. The software has seen only small, incremental improvements over the past few years, will it be enough to keep this contender in the running?


Installation of both packages was easy with no problems encountered. Each package was installed on the same Core i7 PC running Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit, with 12 gigabytes of RAM and a magnetic SATA hard drive for the OS and also for the backups. Genie Backup was tested first, then uninstalled before installing and testing Oops!Backup.

Before you can backup your PC with either program, there’s a simple setup process for each package. It is clear that both vendors have gone to some lengths to make setting up backups as easy as possible. In Genie Timeline, the software allows you to either manually select the folders you want to backup or to use their “Smart Selections” feature. Rather than browsing folders, the Smart Selections feature offers the choice of several categories such as “documents”, “pictures” or “Office files”. This is certainly user friendly, though we can’t help but worry that it may be misleading. The option to backup e-mail for instance, won’t work with every e-mail client (Thunderbird in particular is not supported). If in doubt, it may be better to select the files and folders yourself.

In Oops!Backup, setting a backup is as easy as selecting the files you want to protect and choosing where to store your backups. Both packages help you find your important files, which are usually stored in your documents or my documents folders. Genie Timeline even supports disaster recovery backup, allowing you to restore your operating system in the event of a catastrophic failure.

After this initial easy setup the programs will backup and monitor your data without any further user intervention. If you use a removable hard drive for the backup, both packages will periodically prompt you to reconnect it so that backups can continue. Click the link below to proceed to part two, where each package is tested for backup speed and accuracy.

Part 2 – Tests and results

Part 3 – Features and conclusions

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