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Posted on Apr 16, 2013 in Multimedia, Windows Photo Software | 5 comments

Google Picasa supplemental tutorial – The Picasa Photo Viewer

When Google Picasa is first installed, the program offers to install and activate the Picasa Photo Viewer. If you opted to do this, every time you click on a photograph in Windows Explorer, it will open with the Picasa Photo Viewer.

If you decide you want to disable or enable the Picasa Photo Viewer at any time, follow these two easy steps. Firstly, start Google Picasa. Then open the Tools menu and choose “Configure Photo Viewer…”


Picasa Photo Viewer - step 1


The Photo Viewer Configuration window will now be displayed, as shown in the window below:-


Picasa Photo Viewer - step 2


To disable the photo viewer, simply click the button labelled “Don’t use Picasa Photo Viewer”. To enable the viewer, click the button labelled “Use Picasa Photo Viewer as the default viewer for these file types:”.

You can also optionally choose which types of picture open with the Picasa Photo Viewer. Simply tick/check the formats you want the viewer to open and leave the other formats deselected.

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  1. The ‘Don’t use Picasa Photo Viewer’ option does not work. I’ll press it but the when I try to look at a RAW image it simply defaults to using it again. How do I fix this?

    • Wea re all in the saqme madness Picasa Photo viewer boat, its a virus of sorts, you cannot remove the beast, stamp on it, kill it, and it swallows photo after photo like some malware hide-away, I use Picasa, I only use Picasa Albums, and the other fraudulent Picasa ownes me big time. I hate it, Millions do, but Picasa want it to doa facebook with using photos and not words or blogs. If they add a kill button it would dissapear overnight. Millions of complaints about it on the www-web.

      • Well, that was an interesting rant 🙂

        • Matt, how do you kill it, get rid off Picasa photo viewer? I’m talking about Picasa Photo Viewer and not Picasa 3 which I love. What I meant to say was Google are trying to build up a Mega-Google Facebook Empire on Google, for instance my private comments on blogs are stored on the Google site without my permission. I do not want or need a Google Account the one I have you cannot delete without closing your Google Plus account, I cannot do this because I use the Google Search engine a lot, its my default search engine, here is the rub, they push on you the unwanted stuff 24 hours a day, right now I download images for my work, I want them stored on Picasa 3, but they are trapped in Google-Picture Viewer. And to recap the delete Google Viewer option does not work. Millions are disgruntled.

          • I don’t currently have it installed, but I’m sure all I did was change the file associations in Windows to open with my preferred photo viewer. Google’s behaviour with personal information is typical of big internet companies these days, that’s not to say I condone it of course! I see you’re using a Gmail e-mail address, there are alternatives, but the ad-free ones cost money….

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