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Posted on Apr 16, 2013 in Backup, Planning A Backup | 0 comments

Planning a backup strategy

Need help planning a backup strategy, or simply feeling down and confused due to all the technical jargon? Fear not, these articles will help you back up. When it comes to backing up your valuable data, there are lots of decisions to make. Deciding when to backup, how often, what software to use, where to store your backups, it’s easy to become lost in a sea of technical jargon and confusion and never get around to protecting your data.

In this section of the site, we want to try and help you through the maze of decisions and push you towards planning a backup strategy that suits your requirements and your budget. You will find case studies, reviews and other helpful articles here to get you started. If you have already decided on one of our recommended backup software packages, head over to our backup software tutorials page for information on how to use it.

Before you get started with these articles, you may wish to read our introduction to Windows backup.

Cutting through the jargon

If you find yourself struggling with some of the technical terms we use in our backup articles, refer to this page to clear up your confusion.

Understanding backup and computer storage

Choosing backup software

What happened when we exhaustively tested five full disk backup packages head to head? Find out in our 2010 disk backup review/bench test, click here to read more.

Those of you who do not need a full disk backup solution should check out our new file backup software review / bench test.

Since publishing our file backup software review, a new versions of Genie Timeline and Oops Backup have launched, click here to read our Genie Timeline and Oops!Backup 2013 review.

Case studies

In this article, we demonstrate a complete backup solution for a home or small office that can be purchased for under $300.

Off site backup for home or small business users – Part 1
Off site backup for home or small business users – Part 2

In this article, we investigate a cost effective backup strategy for students.

Backup solution for students

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