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Posted on Apr 16, 2013 in Smarter Surfing, Using the Internet | 2 comments

Get more out of the world wide web with our guide to power surfing tips, tools and techniques

Since you’re already here at, we know that you can use the web. However, the modern world wide web is full of neat features and tools that many of us never use, or even know about. This new ‘power surfing’ tutorials page aims to show you some of the ways you can improve your usage of the web. Whether you’re shopping on-line, trying out new software or researching your next assignment, these techniques will help you become more productive as you wade through the oceans of content available on the world wide web.


Bookmarks and Favourites are web sites that you save in your browser for easy access later. No need to keep searching for your favourite sites, simply save them in your bookmarks and visit them instantly, whenever you need to.

Adding and organising bookmarks/favourites in Google Chrome
Adding and organising bookmarks/favourites in Internet Explorer
Adding and organising bookmarks/favourites in Mozilla Firefox

Download iconDownloading Files

If you want to install new software from the internet, you’ll need to know how to download it first. These tutorials will show you how.

Downloading Files in Firefox
Downloading Files in Google Chrome
Downloading Files in Internet Explorer
Downloading Files in Internet Explorer 9 10 or 11

FDM icon

Downloading Files with Free Download Manager

Struggling to download larger files on your PC? Want to improve the speed of your downloads? Free Download Manager can help.

Installing Free Download Manager
Using Free Download Manager

Diigo icon

Diigo – Bookmark, Highlight and Share the Web

Social bookmarking is all the rage amongst power surfers these days. Instead of saving your bookmarks on your computer, save them online and (optionally) share them with your friends. Aside from making it easy for you to share websites with friends and colleagues, social bookmarking has several other important advantages. You can access your bookmarks from any internet connected computer, your bookmarks are automatically backed up and organising and searching your bookmarks is much easier. We evaluated several social bookmarking tools and found Diigo to be the best. Diigo not only saves and sorts your bookmarks, but allows you to save notes and annotations on web pages too. Our tutorials below will show you how to use this excellent free utility:-

Tutorial 1 – Installation (Firefox users)
Tutorial 1 – Installation (IE users)
Tutorial 2 – Creating an account
Tutorial 3 – Guided tour

Dropbox icon


Need to share large files or folders across the internet? Want to synchronise your work folder between home and the office? If you do, you need a Dropbox account. Our Dropbox tutorials have now moved to our new Cloud Computing section.


KeePass is a free password manager solution that stores your valuable logins securely in an encrypted database on your PC.

Tutorial 1 – Installation
Tutorial 2 – Getting started
Tutorial 3 – Adding entries
Tutorial 4 – ChromeIPass

LastPass icon


LastPass is a fantastic free password manager that can speed up your web surfing and protect you against hackers. We recommend that all our readers use a password manager as part of their computer security routine.

Tutorial 1 – Installing LastPass
Tutorial 2 – Creating a LastPass Vault
Tutorial 3 – Adding passwords
Tutorial 4 – Updating passwords

Roboform icon

Roboform and Roboform Pro

Roboform is the number one password manager for Windows and an essential power-surfers tool. Check out the tutorials below if you need help with this superb tool or if you want to see it in action.

Tutorial 1 – Installing Roboform
Tutorial 2 – Setting up Identities
Tutorial 3 – Roboform in Action

RSS icon

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are a great way of keeping up-to-date with your favourite websites. An RSS feed acts like a live bookmark, automatically updating itself when new content arrives on a website. We cover the basics of using RSS feeds in our troubleshooting section.

Tab icon

Tabbed Browsing

Still not using tabs when browsing the internet? Use these tutorials to learn how tabbed browsing can make you more efficient and productive on the web.

Tabbed browsing in Firefox
Tabbed browsing in Internet Explorer 7


Most users these days access their e-mail through their web browser, but it’s much faster to do so through a dedicated e-mail program like Thunderbird. Thunderbird brings e-mail to your desktop and makes sending and reading e-mail a breeze, even for those of us with the busiest of inboxes.

Tutorial 1 – Installation
Tutorial 2 – Setting up accounts
Tutorial 3 – Composing messages
Tutorial 4 – Address books

Supplemental tutorial 1 – Gmail and Thunderbird
Supplemental tutorial 2 – Manual account setup


TweetDeck brings Twitter to your desktop and makes searching, sending and reading tweets faster and easier than ever before, even for the heaviest Twitter users!

TweetDeck Tutorial 1 – Installation
TweetDeck Tutorial 2 – Using TweetDeck

Windows Live icon

Windows Live Skydrive

Windows Live Skydrive gives you a whopping 25 Gigabytes of online storage space all for free. Our Skydrive tutorials have now moved to our new Cloud Computing section.

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  1. What about some info for ones that use I pads to down load

    • Our speciality is Windows here, we don’t really have any plans to branch out to other operating systems. If we did we’d start a new website, top-ios-tutorials perhaps? 🙂

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