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Prayaya V3

by Amy Xu


Prayaya V3’s logo


Prayaya V3’s screenshot

Prayaya V3 Speed Virtual System is short name of virtual operating system. This virtual system can generate a new virtual image of the existing operating system, with the same function as real windows system exactly. All operations can be in process in the new independent virtual system, such as independently install and run software, save the data, have our own independent desktops, which will not have any impact on the real system.

Different from other Virtual System, more than 500,000 applications from their official website can be download and install in V3 virtual system directly. For example, in V3 virtual system, if you want to install Firefox, you can download it from official website of Firefox, and then install it in V3 virtual system directly.

With Prayaya V3, You can install the common software in V3 removable storage, so no matter you are in the company or travel outside, as long as the belt with V3 USB disk or V3 mobile hard disk, you can plug and operate, and all of operations records remain in the mobile storage and will not leave any traces on the host.

More information about the product is available here:

We say:- This does sound like a useful program Amy, though we’d have to investigate further before we gave it our seal of approval. Thank you for the submission!


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