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Posted on Jun 24, 2014 in Remote Support services, Welcome | 0 comments

Solve IT problems fast or get 1 on 1 training with our Remote Support services (BETA)

Here at Top Windows Tutorials we try our best to cover a wide range of topics to do with Windows computing. We realise however, that everyone is different. Sometimes inevitably, a specific problem will occur that you just cannot find the answer to. Because of this, we’re trailing a new service where you can purchase one on one training or computer help via remote support connections. This allows a technician/instructor to connect directly to your PC and help solve your computer problems or provide one on one tuition. Read on to find out more.

What is Remote Support?

Remote support means a technician can remotely connect to your computer and assist you in realtime. This can be for training or for solving those stubborn computer problems. Currently, we use GoToAssist for remote support. GoToAssist is easy to use, no installation is required. It works through firewalls and uses the strongest, industry standard encryption.  For more information about GoToAssist, please visit

How it works

The GoToAssist software enables two people to work together interactively by sharing their screens and granting remote-control rights. By allowing our technician to connect, you can get instructor-led training for Windows Vista, 7 or 8 on any of the topics covered on the website. Sessions will be pre-booked and paid in advance with times and dates agreed by the client and the technician. At the allotted time, you will receive an e-mail link with instructions on how to connect to the remote support session. During the training you will be able to communicate with the instructor by text chat or by voice chat if your computer has a suitable microphone and speakers.

Issues we could help you with

We’re here to provide training as well as help with computer problems. For instance we could help you with:-

Windows 8 – Need a little help getting orientated with Windows 8? No problem. Let us know where you are struggling and we’ll help you out.

E-mail – Struggling to access your e-mail or ready to take the plunge and move to Thunderbird e-mail on your desktop? Let us help you set up and configure your e-mail software.

Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox – Want to get more from the web? We can train you in basic usage of these three browsers. Choose your favourite or use all three in tandem, the choice is yours!

PC Security – Let us demonstrate the PC security tips the IT pros use to secure their computer.

Introductory pricing now available

We’re currently gauging demand and feasibility of the service. While we test the viability we’re keeping prices low. Just £15 for half an hour! These prices will not stay this low for long, so book your session now.

Basic terms and conditions

To book your session, please first contact us here. State your timezone and let us know when you are free. Remember that we are based in the United Kingdom. We can work outside of normal business hours to accommodate clients in other countries but only by prior arrangement.

Once a time has been agreed, mark it on your calendar. You will receive an e-mail before the session is about to start.

Sessions are sold in half hour blocks and must be pre-booked. Cancellations must be made at least 12 hours before the lesson is due to start or will be charged at one half hour.

Sessions will be refunded in full in the following circumstances:-

We are not able to connect to your computer for technical or other reasons.

The quality of the connection is deemed too poor for us to carry out the work or training required. This is at our discretion.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are not able to participate in a pre-arranged training session.

This service is in beta test, which basically means we’re trying it out. During this time our prices are low, since you’re helping us to develop and evaluate the service.

Full terms and conditions are available here.

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