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Posted on Apr 16, 2013 in Help/About, Problems Using our Site? | 0 comments

How to quickly and easily add a live bookmark/RSS feed to Firefox

Using RSS in Firefox is easy and convenient. Firefox automatically detects any site that supports RSS and shows the RSS icon in the address bar. In the picture below, this icon is circled in red.

Site with RSS feed in Firefox

Click the icon circled above, Firefox will take you to a screen like the one shown below:-

Adding an RSS feed to Firefox - Step 1

On the screen above, click on “Subscribe Now” as circled in the picture. The window shown below will then appear:-

Adding an RSS feed to Firefox - Step 2

Make sure “Bookmarks Toolbar” is selected and then click on “Subscribe”.

Adding an RSS feed to Firefox - Step 3

The RSS feed is now added to your Firefox browser, click on it on the toolbar any time to read the latest site updates. Click on an individual entry to go directly to that page on our site.

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