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Posted on Apr 16, 2013 in Help/About, Problems Using our Site? | 0 comments

How to add a live bookmark/RSS feed to your preferred e-mail program or dedicated RSS reader

Unfortunately, we cannot provide instructions for every RSS reader or RSS aware application available for Windows. However, we can provide you with a few additional guidelines to help you on your way.

If your chosen RSS reader supports the Microsoft ‘Common Feed List’ then you can follow the instructions for adding an RSS feed to Internet Explorer 7/8. Once you complete this tutorial, the RSS feed will be available in your chosen application. Currently Microsoft Outlook and the Vista Sidebar RSS reader both support Common Feed List and the list of applications supporting this technology is set to grow quickly.

If your RSS reader does not support Common Feed List, you will need to manually obtain the address of our RSS feed. To do this, locate the orange “RSS” button on the right hand side of our pages, right click it with your mouse and then:

Firefox Users

Select Copy Link Location as shown in the picture below:-

Copy link location in Firefox

Internet Explorer users

Select Copy Shortcut as shown in the picture below:-

Copy Shortcut in IE

Once you have done this, go to your preferred RSS reader and add a new feed, when prompted for an address, right click and select “Paste”. This will paste in our RSS feed address.

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